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  1. Sneaks23

    Lucid Air Production Delay

    Congrats @hmp10 and @Alex! Keep us updated as you have been doing. Very exciting stuff!
  2. Sneaks23

    Lucid ADAS

    I was excited seeing the shorter video at first glance but great catch, Neurio!
  3. Sneaks23

    A mark of least in my world

    Nothing worse than a rattle in a vehicle :eek:. NVH can drive someone crazy! pun intended.
  4. Sneaks23

    How to Compare the Lucid Air Dream Edition to the Tesla Model S Plaid

    Congrats on the Plaid delivery! How is the yoke steering aside from the button snafus, is it weird not being able to have your hands at "10 & 2"?
  5. Sneaks23

    Thoughts on the interior

    ^Tahoe interior is my favorite as well!