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    Spotted in the wild @Stanford Shopping Center

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    When Lucid Air electric sedan production starts, quality will be a priority

    Production of the Lucid Air electric car will soon be underway in the second half of the year, and to show the level of preparation that's going into it the company is highlighting the quality-control measures at its Casa Grande, Arizona factory. The video shows the general assembly area of the...
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    Lucid Motors sees a second life for its EV batteries in energy storage

    Lucid Motors has designed the battery packs in its luxury electric vehicle for two lives. The company, which is already experimenting with energy storage systems for commercial and residential customers, is also eyeing ways to repurpose batteries from its electric vehicles. While Lucid is still...
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    Patent reveals new images of Lucid Motors’ Gravity SUV

    Lucid’s astute forum members have uncovered news the automaker may or may not want the public to see yet. Patent images of Lucid Motors’ upcoming Gravity SUV were uncovered in a filing with the EUIPO. The Gravity is not a production EV yet, but its patent images closely mimic the concept Lucid...
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    Tesla vs. Lucid: Here’s how the EV rivals are and aren’t alike

    Lucid, which announced plans last week to go public through a reverse merger, is expected to pose real competition to electric-vehicle pioneer Tesla. Thus far, Lucid is following Tesla’s playbook when it comes to manufacturing, sales and service. The company is charting a different path where...
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    Tesla Model 3 rival from Lucid may take shape in 2025

    First came the Lucid Air electric sedan, then the Gravity SUV made a surprise debut. What's next on startup Lucid's radar? A Tesla Model 3 rival. In an interview published by Reuters Tuesday, Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson says the company wants to produce an affordable electric car to rival...
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    Project Gravity (Lucid Motors SUV) Page Now Live
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    Lucid Motors CEO on luxury electric vehicles, new industry technology

    Peter Rawlinson discusses the development of the company’s electric vehicles and how technological advancements could change the industry.
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    Rivian and Lucid Motors both expand U.S. retail presence

    American automakers Rivian and Lucid Motors have both recently revealed locations in expanding their retail presence in the United States. Both electric vehicle manufacturers have large aspirations to compete with Tesla, although either has yet to deliver a consumer EV so far. The announcements...
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    Lucid Motors reveals European deliveries will begin first half of 2022 [Updated]

    In a recent reply to a follower’s question on Twitter, Lucid Motors just revealed that it plans to begin deliveries of its first vehicles to European countries at the end of this year. That timeline has since changed. Nevertheless, the American automaker’s Air sedan is scheduled to begin...
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    Lucid CEO Says Automaker Is Ahead In Tech Race, Even In Front Of Tesla

    That would put it ahead of the competition – including Tesla. When Tesla presented the Model S back in 2012, Peter Rawlinson was there. He knows it was ahead of the competition, and the company's current market cap proves that. Now at the helm of Lucid, he told CNBC that his company is where...
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    Lucid Motors Stands a Fair Chance of Popularizing High-Volt Battery Architecture as Investors Remain Glued To the Fate of Its Proposed Merger With the

    Lucid Motors, the manufacturer of ultra-luxury Lucid Air EV, is currently a subject of intense interest as the company purportedly continues to negotiate a merger with the Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), Churchill Capital Corp. IV. A standout feature of the Lucid Air is its 900V+...
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    Lucid unveils its paint shop at new factory to produce its Air electric sedan

    Lucid Motors is preparing to start production soon of the Air, its first electric car, and it is showing the progress at its factory in Arizona. Today, the automaker is unveiling its paint shop. Lucid AMP-1 factory The electric car startup impressed many earlier this year with the unveiling of...