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    New option packages for Air Touring & Air Pure raise questions

    New on the Lucid configurator today are 2 packages for the Air Touring & Air Pure. One is the Dream Drive Pro and the other the Surreal Sound System. The sound system raises no questions in my mind, but the Dream Drive Pro list of features most certainly does. Included in the Dream Drive Pro...
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    A mark of least in my world

    This is something I obsess over and for me is one important mark of quality, the absence of rattles. My last two cars, a Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-Tron, have set the standard for me. The I-Pace was almost devoid of rattles and the e-Tron is, as far as I can tell, totally devoid of rattles. The...
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    Thoughts on the interior

    I may have missed the discussion if it occurred, but what are the thoughts on the dual color interior? It’s obviously atypical to have seats up front a different color than those in the rear. Is this some you’d choose or is it something you’d settle for?
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    Another interesting review & set of observations

    I thought this one was particularly interesting and our own hmp10 had a question that was asked & answered (sort of;)). :)
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    Some insight on delays

    A brief, interesting article about the delays:
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    A mildly interesting article

    Nothing particularly new, but at least some press on Lucid:
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    An interesting call

    I just received a call from Lucid to let me know the first NYC location would be opening shortly with the second one on Long Island to follow in the 3rd quarter. Test drives would be available later this year. I asked about the absence of air suspension and the response was it was still being...
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    The newest slick Lucid video highlighting the UX

    Much of this is in high-end existing cars, but it's very nicely integrated into the numerous screens:
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    Inside EV ride along

    Some concerning things, but rather than editorializing, have a look at the video:
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    Looking forward!

    New member here. I recently put down a deposit for the Air Pure, so I imagine I have a long torturous path ahead of me. ;) I'm not sure how much activity we see in the forum given the limited membership, but I'm sure I'll learn quite a bit here. Looking forward to the adventure