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    Lucid Air GT cross country trip LIVE

    I believe their destination chargers like @ Yosemite are available to all but the DC faster chargers (not sure there any up and running yet) are only for Rivians
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    How many EVs have you owned before ordering Lucid Air?

    2012 Chevy Volt - didn’t count it but we used it mostly as electric 2014 bmw i3 rex - still going strong with 78K miles 2014 Model S - bought used with 22K miles and sold with 106K 2019 Model S “Raven” - bought used with 30K and sold with 67K 2021 Model S LR refresh - current and is the car we...
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    Electrify America

    I believe that is only true with the V2 superchargers where you share the 150kwh capacity. With the V3 chargers, you get the whole 250kw even if someone is parked next to you.
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    Greetings from a Lucid Veteran

    agreed 100% on the massaging seats as an paid option for the massaging seats
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    Am I Being Unfair Here?

    This is the part that I find the most annoying/dangerous as a Tesla owner. When customers can’t bring up issues products because they are afraid they will be dismissed and attacked because of a financial incentive of the attackers. I guess it can go both ways - false complaints by short sellers.
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    Considering Paint protection film (PPF)

    just finished our 2600 mile drive across the country in our model S. No issues getting several pounds of bug guts off the ppf bumper. We took a rock to the windshield which caused a 6” crack and will need to be replaced. We heard several other rock strikes but can’t find any damage on the front...
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    Average mi/kwh

    Thanks so much for pointing me to those threads. I’ve tried to browse through them but certainly not all of them.
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    Average mi/kwh

    A quick question on the efficiency front. Has anyone gotten data on efficiency from a long road trip? We have a 2021 Tesla model S long range with the 19” wheels and just drove 2600 miles from Utah to Vermont and the Tesla trip meter says we averaged 282 wh/mi which I think converts to 3.55...
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    Tesla model s to lucid wannabe

    We have had a Touring reservation for a few months now and finally got to go to a Studio while visiting my parents and do a test drive (they had an last minute extra appointment so allowed a lowly Touring customer to do a test drive ;-). This was the first time I’ve seen one in person. We have...
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    Air Pure reservations

    we sold our 2014 model S a couple of years ago - when it was 6 years old but had 110K miles and it had lost 15 miles out of 265 rated when new so about 6%. This was with quite a bit of supercharging due to our cross country trips and free supercharging.
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    Why did you decide for the Lucid Air vs. Model S, EQS, i7, Taycan, ...?

    I guess I am 50/50 in terms of running to Lucid vs running from Tesla. We‘ve had 3 Model S’s (currently 2021 long range), had 2012 Volt, and have a 2014 BMWi3. We are snowbirds so drive between Southern Utah and Vermont so enough range, charging availability & speed, comfort and storage space...
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    Average mi/kwh

    The major reasons I am interested in trading our 2021 Model S Long range for the Air are range, efficiency and charging speed. We do a lot of driving (25K/year) and drive back and forth between Vermont for the summer and Southern Utah for Winter. It is good to see people can drive to get good...
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    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    makes sense with a much smaller aero profile
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    Average mi/kwh

    I have always wondered if there is an additional energy drain due to the load of all the sensors and computers involved in driver assistance.
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    Average mi/kwh

    here is an article that talks about the testing procedures and as LRSIII indicated, they do attempt to account for aerodynamics, rolling resistance, etc. without those adjustments one would get truly crazy...
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    Average mi/kwh

    thanks for doing this. Will be interesting what you find since there is a good amount of elevation gained and lost on that route.
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    Considering Paint protection film (PPF)

    We don‘t have a Lucid Air yet but I am inclined to put partial PPF when we do. We didn’t put ppf on our white 2019 Model S and @ 69K miles when we sold, the front, hood, and mirrors all had multiple small but visible chips in the paint. I tried to touch them up but they were still visible and it...
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    Why bother with Lucid?

    unless you DON’T want the LR with 21” wheels. 19” pushes you out until Nov-Feb,
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    Honestly, what do you miss?

    One of the things I really like about the new Tesla model S with the Yoke (and no turn signal stock) is they use the car cameras to detect when the turn signal should reset. Works almost every time - especially on lane changes. Maybe Lucid could use Dreamdrive cameras to do the same.