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  1. Maverick

    At least Lucid doesn’t have the recall that Toyota has Wheels may fall off. Owners should not drive it No fix yet Dealers will pick up the car and provide a free loaner until a fix is available Wow!
  2. Maverick

    How well do your ventilated seats work?

    I had made the mistake of posting this in the middle of a thread that wasn't really discussing this, but I'm interested to know how well others' ventilated seats are working. I've had mine checked out at the service center, but nothing seems to have changed. They tell me that there is air being...
  3. Maverick

    Post Your Drive Experiences Here

    I saw someone had asked if there were other drive experiences in response to one posted on a different thread. The response was yes, but they're scattered all over various threads. I'm suggesting that we post/re-post experiences here. We already have places where people have reviewed the Lucid...
  4. Maverick

    Car Washing...what are your tips and tricks

    With a car as nice as this, there is, at least with me, a desire to make sure that it is clean as much as possible. Having it detailed weekly seems like a stretch, so I'm interested in what others are doing do keep it looking amazing. When I got back from LA, I used a Dewalt low-pressure (1500 I...
  5. Maverick

    Trip Back from LA

    I posted a bit on range based on my trip to LA from Phoenix on Friday, but I thought I would post a little more about the car overall as well as range now that I have returned. Things I loved/liked: As has been stated by almost everyone, the drive. Having nothing high end to equate it to...
  6. Maverick

    Duke sux

    That is all :).
  7. Maverick

    Park Assist and Garages

    I had asked this several weeks back on a different thread, but I don't think anyone answered it. Does anyone know if Park Assist for Lucid (or any car for that matter) would work for backing into a garage. I have individual bays, and I was wondering if the feature would recognize the bay as an...
  8. Maverick

    New Member from Phoenix

    Good to meet everyone. I've enjoyed the threads and appreciate the additional information and insights. Just confirmed my 10/29 reservation for the AGT. I'm curious how many on the forum live in AZ. Looking forward to learning and eventually sharing more!