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    How to take care of Lucid Leather

    Quest got spilled onto my seats. Is there a way to clean this please.
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    Release Version Megathread

    Still on 2.0.71. I guess the update is being released to only people who request it?
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    2.1.3 Update

    Is the update 2.1.3 only for early testers? I would get the previous updates within 1 or 2 days.
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    Release Version Megathread

    I just got mine.
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    Pirelli Tire Issue & Warranty Megathread

    Update on my road hazard warranty from Discount Tire. They were able to order the tire from Tire Rack.
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    Pirelli Tire Issue & Warranty Megathread

    Got mine at 3200 miles. Now at 3800 miles. But a waste when they cannot order a tire.
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    Pirelli Tire Issue & Warranty Megathread

    I developed a front passenger 21 tire bubble. I already got road hazard warranty from Discount Tire. Discount Tire told me that the tire needs to be replaced but cannot find a tire either from the manufacturer or their usual supply chain. Minimum time to even order a tire is 90 days. I have...
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    21" tires and Blowouts

    Me and my friend bought Lucid GT a few weeks apart in October. He has around 4000 miles and two of his 21 tires blew out (one front and one back both on the same side within a few days of each other). Now I have a small bubble (3200 miles) in my front passenger tire. Now I am afraid to drive. I...
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    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    Just driving around town with temperatures improving I am getting lot better mileage. Today 13.7 mile trip to work I got 3.7 miles/KWH whereas before I would get 2.8 miles/KWH. Never knew weather played such a big role in efficiency. I am interested in the Gravity but want to order it only if...
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    We made a Lucid commercial

    Nice job
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    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    Finally it's here. 2.71 GB download.
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    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    Still Waiting. I wonder how they decide who get's it first?
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    New scheduled charging feature -- how is it supposed to work?

    My scheduled charging is intermittent. Somedays it charges at the time it is supposed to charge and sometimes it charges immediately even though it is in the 12 hour window to wait for the scheduled charging.
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    Installing right now. 3.07 GB download.
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    Bobby on the Air: HomeLink

    I like the video. I have noticed a similar problem. Another solution is for the homelink to come on automatically based on location. In the homelink programming we can have options like Tesla does when exiting the garage, the distance to come on etc.
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    First EA charging - success

    First time charging at EA today in west Texas. It went without any problems. Recognized the car automatically and charged.
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    Car Specifications

    I was looking for specifications of various Lucid car components. I find Lucid is very secretive about its components. I am curious about 1. Self Driving computer. I know they are using Nvidia but are they using 1 or 2 Nvidia orin SOC, what are the specifications of the cameras (manufacturer and...
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    Remote Climate adjust

    Remove climate seems to be using battery rather than plug in power. Is this the experience with everyone.
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