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    Press versus reality

    I'm totally confused, I read everywhere posting of gloom and doom for Lucid in the 'popular' media and financial press. I read here about comparative testing reports ( saying wonderful things), and reports in this cite of numerous awards. My question is. Why isn't there the same amount of...
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    Pet air conditioning update

    The recent update to the Pure Air providing environment control for a pet in a closed and unoccupied vehicle I'm certain was very exciting to some and was worth the time money and effort expended. I warn you before using check local laws. Where I live here in AZ it is against ordinances to...
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    Lucid performance

    I was behind and passing.
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    I got my air pure 6750 miles ago no heat problems in fact most of the problems I have had were problems with me. Scottsdale team is more than responsive and helpful. Welcome aboard and maybe we can get some people here in our area for a meet-up.
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    Speculation Lucid-Volvo service agreement?

    I had had several experiences with Lucid service in Scottsdale. I can truthfully say I have had an unparalleled experience . John has provided service that is far and above any service that I have had in the past 60 years from anyone, car dealer or any other retailer. He is knowledgeable and...
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    Video Describing Locking and Unlocking Options

    android razor23+
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    Video Describing Locking and Unlocking Options

    I do not know what I am doing wrong but, I have never been able to use the telephone to passively lock and unlock the car (I can only do this in the presence of the fob). I can only use the telephone by booting the app. and pressing the button. Second, the fob seems to operate according to...
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    Hats off to scottsdale (john) service

    I recentently required a windshield replacement. I'm located 3 hours from the service center. John provided service above what I expected, He was under standing, patient and knowledgeable. Thank you for all you do.
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    Consumer Reports rating of the Touring in Aug 2023 issue.

    I have read consumer reports on cars for years and have never understood their approach. I'll go back to the old volvo 544 (1960's) which they rated very poorly. I compared the rating to the car I had and in no case was the rating or description representative of what I was driving. (which...
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    Lucid performance

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    Lucid performance

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    Lucid performance

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    Lucid performance

    Dream drive comment I do not know if the following circumstances were planned by Lucid but this is what happened. I do not recommend depending on these responses. Environment – Clear day, moving at 80 mph in left lane of a 4 lane highway passing line of slower moving vehicles. Action – Red...
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    uneven computer responses.

    I do not know if anyone else has this problem but I find my Lucid has a mind of its own. For example I have my seat profile set. Before leaving the car I move it to an egress position. About 75% of the time . When I return, sit and close the door the seat moves to the driving position. The...
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    service from Scottsdale Az

    A hat's off to the great service team in Scottsdale. They are patient, knowledgeable, and efficiente. This has been particularly helpful to the computer handicapped and old. they are prompt in their service calls and always provided more than expected.
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    Tank you!
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    I'm not certain there is an answer to my question but I'm having a problem with the autopark function. When parking in a vertical slot it insists on backing in. As I'm handicapped this obscures the handicap plate from passing police, additionally a number vertical slots show "head in parking...
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    Could not find this screen. Is it model specific? I have an AirPure.
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    Easy exit hack

    Have done this and it is great! If only it worked consistently. I get to happen about 2 out of three times.
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    RESOLVED Strange Problem with Home Link

    Thank you. 1 inch foil shield -- works like a champ!