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  1. Atxmarco

    Performed my first soft reset

    Hi gang, My sirius xm got a little crackly so i did the logo reset. Worked great and while rebooting there were all these cool graphics on the screen. Would be great to have an option to set the screens to those while driving. Love my at.
  2. Atxmarco

    Wiper controls

    Why is there an auto high and auto low instead of just one auto button? Is that helpful in some way? Never rains in austin, so really doesn’t matter i guess.
  3. Atxmarco

    Error message when playing Dolby Atmos track with Tidal

    I get the same. Pops up after every song on the atmos playlist. Just started recently.
  4. Atxmarco

    Post/share your non-Lucid other car(s)! (ICE-appreciation thread?)

    Here’s the gas guzzler of the family😀
  5. Atxmarco

    Hunting wild Lucid Airs

    Yes! Saw my first austin lucid other than my own as my wife and i were finishing up our walk crossing south congress & riverside around 11:30 this morning. Gorgeous stealth air.
  6. Atxmarco

    Fisker Q4 report: ‘Substantial doubt’ it can continue, seeks investment from ‘large automaker’

    Actually saw one at an ea while on my roadtrip back from goose island. Nice looking ev. Lady who owned it couldn’t get it to charge. Prophetic, i guess.
  7. Atxmarco

    New Air Touring Owner in south FL

    Congrats from austin. Loving my new touring!
  8. Atxmarco

    New (again) Lucid Pure owner in San Antonio

    Friggin’ gorgeous
  9. Atxmarco

    New (again) Lucid Pure owner in San Antonio

    Congrats. Just drove to the jerk shack from austin in my touring over the weekend.
  10. Atxmarco

    Share your best pic!

    Love her!!
  11. Atxmarco

    RESOLVED Software update suggestion for dream drive.

    Thanks gang, works like a dream😀
  12. Atxmarco

    RESOLVED Software update suggestion for dream drive.

    Thanks!! Will try later today
  13. Atxmarco

    RESOLVED Software update suggestion for dream drive.

    I like the dd premium i have. It’s the first adaptive cruise i’ve had that begins the slowing process at an appropriate distance, and doesn’t cause my state farm beacon to ding me for heavy braking. Here’s my .02 for an easy improvement. Would like the dd set button on the steering wheel to...
  14. Atxmarco

    Need a referral code.

    never used referral code. Just a couple of weeks old. Marc
  15. Atxmarco

    CarPlay working well with 2.2.2

    Car play works great for me with the latest update. Unfortunately sirius xm now sounds like a record player with a bad needle. Also now getting notifications at times that “ this device is unable to play tidal” weird-o-rama
  16. Atxmarco

    Retrofit DreamDrive Premium

    Can dd premium be upgraded to dd pro?
  17. Atxmarco

    Favorites don't update

    Me too, also would be nice if the steering wheel right side next track button would cycle between sirius xm favorites instead of having to use the touchscreen.
  18. Atxmarco

    Mobile Key locked on the in frunk!

    Hi bobby Touched the card about midway up the driver’s side window frame. No pin required as i just opened the frunk and retrieved my phone before putting in gear, i guess.
  19. Atxmarco

    Mobile Key locked on the in frunk!

    Hola amigos & amigas, Once again today had just finished a match and this time made sure to have the phone in my bag, after my last transgression. Was chatting with a buddy while approaching my gorgeous car, the door handles extended, i opened the door, activated the frunk and inadvertantly...
  20. Atxmarco

    Phone left in car

    Thanks, Can they unlock remotely?