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    Q2 deliveries

    Hi all Since we are now at the end of Q2, we await Lucid’s numbers. For those who watch Bears Workshop did you notice how many cars are unwrapped over the past several videos? Only a few are wrapped awaiting delivery. In yesterday’s video over 200 were unwrapped and maybe 30 were wrapped. I...
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    Bears Workshop flyovers

    For those who are familiar with Bears Workshop flyovers where you see drone video of the factory construction progress and the cars in the factory parking lot, do we have any definitive answer as to why so many cars recently are not covered? Before about a week ago every car you'd see in the...
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    The latest from Lloyds mats

    I sent an email to Lloyds mats to see whether they have mats for Lucid yet. I've always used Lloyds Luxe mats on all my Corvettes and Teslas. Super quality. Their reply was: "At this time we do not have this pattern. The information has been sent to our pattern department. They are currently...
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    Protective film for your screens

    Has anyone gotten XPEL RX Protective film for the screens in their Lucids?
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    Pencils received on AGT Grey with 20” wheels

    I just received my pencils. I’m surprised it was so soon. Waiting for VIN on Grey/Mohave/20”. Order confirmed March 8.
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    Navigation routing question

    Hi, Today I had a real nice test drive of an AGT at Tysons Virginia. One of the more subtle but interesting things I noticed was regarding the navigation. When I entered a destination point such as Atlanta Georgia, it showed four EA charging locations along the route. Two of the four charging...
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    Glass roof material question

    Hi For those of you who have taken delivery, is the glass roof actually solid glass? The reason I ask is that I saw a video yesterday where they were saying that the “glass” roof really isn’t glass and that it is some type of material that gives a little. The guy was pushing his finger into...
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    Considering Paint protection film (PPF)

    Hi My AGT is expected around July but I started to think about PPF. I’ve never had a car wrapped before. This could be my first. What are your thoughts on the subject and what do you think about Xpel vs. Kavana? Thanks
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    Electrify America on road trips

    Hi, Many of us former/current Tesla owners are accustomed to the Tesla Supercharger network and how extensive it is when traveling away from home. One of the benefits is that usually there are 8-12 chargers at a supercharger site. Is this true for Electrify America? For example when I drive...
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    The meaning of WiFi number?

    Hi Does anyone know the meaning or relevance of WiFi number? Someone on another owners group just received his AGT says he has WiFi number 00579. He says that he was told that number is sequential and that he has the 59th AGT produced since the first 520 were DEs. Has anyone else heard about...
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    enhanced vehicle wireless connectivity costs

    I just noticed in my account where I view my confirmed AGT order at the bottom in the fine print: "Some infotainment or connected vehicle features require enhanced vehicle wireless connectivity, which is included for the first year of ownership." I know on my Tesla they charge $9.99/month for...
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    Studio in Munich Germany. Why?

    Why would Lucid open a studio in Germany when they have more US orders than they can build?
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    Color choice question, opinions please

    Hi, We decided on the Quantum Grey exterior for the AGT we are about to order since we go the call to convert our reservation to an order. We "think" we like the Mojave interior. Your thoughts? I'm not crazy about white carpets that are in the Tahoe. Plus the black (front seats) and white/cream...
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    Know anyone near Atlanta?

    Hi I finally got the call and emails from Lucid that I can confirm my Air Grand Touring. We live near Atlanta but we’ve never driven the car although we’ve seen pre-production cars in VA and NYC studios. I know they have a test drive AGT in Florida but that’s about 8-9 hours. I’d love to at...
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    Discussion on 20” wheels

    I’m starting this thread so people can add their thoughts and what they know about the 20” wheels supposedly coming in Q2. At the moment, before I confirm my order is that I’m leaning towards 20” because I like the look of the wheels and I assume the EPA numbers hopefully will be in the middle...
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    Grand Touring order conversion

    Hi I reserved my GT on Dec 4. I haven’t received an email (or at least I haven’t seen it) to convert to a real order yet. However when I log into my account I see this. See attachment. If I “Create Design” is that the order? If not how would this page look when I’m eligible to create an order?
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    How is sun visor fastened to windshield ?

    Hi Should I be concerned about the sun visor falling off in very high or very low temps? Is it fastened by suction or is it screwed into the windshield ? Thanks
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    EZPass with Lucid Air

    Hi I have a Tesla Model X where the EZPass transponders don’t work due to the windshield design. Anyone with a Lucid Air using an EZPass? Does it work fastened to the inside of the windshield ? Thanks
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    Hello from Atlanta

    Hi I have a Air Grand Touring reservation, awaiting being able to place order. Preference for Quantum Gray with Mohave. I’m a long time Tesla owner; 2015 Model S then traded it in for a 2018 Model X which I plan to sell or trade-in once the Lucid arrives.