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    Charging at home (@120v) while on trip

    I have been out of the country and have noticed that the mile range has dropped (via Lucid app) almost 70 miles in less than a week. I have the charging set at daily and have contacted Lucid to see if this is normal. Has anyone had a similar experience, i.e., loosing range when not using the car...
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    Auto Park Feature

    I've watched the tutorials on the auto park feature into parking spaces and have tried to use it but for the life of me it doesn't work. It doesn't find the parking spaces on the left or right to park in. Has this feature been programmed into the Lucid Grand Touring vehicles? Anybody been...
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    Lucid Home Charging Station (LCHCS)

    I was interested in the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station (LCHCS) and had an electrician take a look on how to get a 100 amp service to the garage. Since our house was built in 1996, we have a 400 amp service with 300 amps being used currently. The electrician suggested putting a 100 amp...