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    Hello Is anybody out there?

    I feel like I'm talking to myself. Lucid just announced north of $100K will be the price range at this time. Having just test drove the Taycan Monday that price range should not surprise me. I kept my wallet in my pocket knowing the Rivian R1T is my true goal. If that doesn't go well it will be...
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    Webcam showing factory construction

    Lucid, how about installing a webcam so that deposit holders and potential customers can see real time construction of the new factory in Casa Grande AZ?
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    Lucid accepting deposits

    Lucid is on the way to production and is accepting refundable $1000 deposits. The first production Lucid Air will most likely be the top of the line fully loaded vehicle but with a first addition of 255 cars the step dowm might be more afordable for many of use. I'm a deposit holder and...