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  1. joec

    Glitching media, cannot get any help

    Are you streaming media over the internet? If so, can you try some music you have downloaded to your phone, or to a USB drive? If that fixes it, you’re either driving in an area with a poor internet connection, or you have some sort of wireless antenna issue.
  2. joec

    High frequency Sound

    It's the law. All EVs need to make the "fake" noise at low speeds. No chance Lucid ever lets you turn that off.
  3. joec

    Lucid Ocean? With Fisker now bankrupt, another EV automaker is swooping in on the trademark

    Not sure naming your car after another company’s failed car is a good strategy. Why not just call it the Lucid Edsel? Or Lucid Tucker?
  4. joec

    Long range Air Pure

    From a marketing perspective, there’s also value in associating the name “Pure” with that $70k price point. So a “Long Range Pure” that sits at over $100k would eliminate the benefit of that association. If anything, RWD GT would make more sense. But then you lose the GT’s association with...
  5. joec

    Long range Air Pure

    I’m sure they considered it. But it probably doesn’t make financial sense. Another way to describe the car you want is a single-motor GT. The price would be closer to that, in any case, given the battery pack is by far the most expensive item in the car. Lucid offered two flavors of Dream...
  6. joec

    Electrify America charging free?

    True for VW and other brands. Not true for Lucid. At least not Lucids that have a free charging plan.
  7. joec

    Apple’s fancy new CarPlay will only work wirelessly

    Yes. CarPlay always uses the car’s GPS, not the phone’s. If for no other reason than your phone might be in your pocket, pointed in who knows what direction, with no line of sight.
  8. joec

    Apple’s fancy new CarPlay will only work wirelessly

    It can't be cost savings, because no matter what, all auto manufacturers need to build their own stock software. There will always be 1) Android users and 2) iPhone users who don't want to integrate their phones into their cars.
  9. joec

    Apple’s fancy new CarPlay will only work wirelessly

    Ahh, interesting. I didn't get that part when I read through it. That it can continue to render without the phone connected. Interesting.
  10. joec

    Apple’s fancy new CarPlay will only work wirelessly

    Especially because I know of a few places where wireless interference will reliably knock my car out of CarPlay, yes. Not sure what they plan to fall back on, but if the car recovers back into its native displays fast enough maybe it's not so bad? But still jarring. I'm starting to understand...
  11. joec

    Hold out for the Gravity, or get something else?

    Yes. There's hand-building a car at the Newark studio. And then there's getting the car ready for production at the factory in Arizona. Many tweaks and changes happen in between, I'm sure, in order for production to run smoothly at scale. They had years to build the first one by hand. They have...
  12. joec

    Lucid OTA update 2.2.2

    The other option is a software bug, of course. It's possible the streaming buffer is not behaving properly.
  13. joec

    Lucid OTA update 2.2.2

    That's actually really useful information to pass along to Service. Since it works over WiFi and not cellular, the issue is most likely a bad cellular connection. That's either because you drive in an area where AT&T service is not good, or there's something wrong with your cellular antenna. The...
  14. joec

    Guest App Access

    Not yet. Hopefully, that’s on their road map.
  15. joec

    Lucid Air Touring v Porsche Taycan

    Well said. With YouTube car channels, it’s very important to separate the car nerds from the nerds who think they know cars. Tech folks have a really bad tendency to think their expertise in one field makes them geniuses everywhere else. And on most “explainer” YouTube videos of any topic...
  16. joec

    Hold out for the Gravity, or get something else?

    My guess with the reservations is that they learned from Air starting reservations too early leads to inflated expectations. As delivery dates for various trims get pushed, people move on to other cars rather than wait. Better to manage expectations by keeping reservations tight and short...
  17. joec

    Electrify Canada

    Yes. They are different entities, and US customers only have free access to EA.
  18. joec

    Now playing on each station rarely updates

    Keep in mind that SXM writes that software in collaboration with Lucid. So it’s not Lucid’s app. Might want to chat with SXM’s customer support about it.
  19. joec

    Lucid App Update 1.50

    Tire service and annual service. You get the idea they are starting with easier jobs that take less than a day to complete. I imagine this will expand over time with other types of service. But it’s great for cutting down support calls while also making it easier for customers. Any time they...
  20. joec

    3 Performance to Air Pure

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy your Air.