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    New HV Battery

    The HV battery part number on my work order for our 22 DE is listed as M11-008192-04 and described as BATTERY PARK EXTENDED RANGE SD150G. Not sure if it is a Panasonic or an LG.
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    Battery Alert Call from Lucid Service

    Got the HV call as well. Car scheduled April 1st for diagnostics. The good news is, Lucid will pick up the car. I have had two turtle events so I pray this time it will be fixed for good. Any chance of Lucid doing the right thing and offering us early dream adapters the option to buy a Sapphire...
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    FEATURE Introducing RangeXChange V2V charging for Lucid

    The Ionic is a 115 volt 15 amp or approximately 1.5kW it would take 8 hours to charge the equivalent of an 1 hour charge from Lucid
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    RESOLVED Is motor whine normal?

    I do enjoy Kyle's reports but do not buy the lack of dampers explanation. The noise tracks the rotation speed of the motor and gears and therefore highly unlikely it can be eliminated with motor mount dampers. The good news is that my car is approaching its 2 year anniversary and the noise has...
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    RESOLVED Is motor whine normal?

    What is Lucid's "Official Position" on the whine?. It is clearly noticeable when compared to other high end EVs. I am o.k with it but I am wondering if one can have the option of removing/reducing it if one wonted to do so.
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    Lucid Air for daily use as home battery?

    Yes F-150 does this. It is actually a lot less complicated than everyone pretends it is. Most local electricians know how to install the equipment needed to connect the car to the house. The install is not tha much different than installing a Generator.
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    OBDII port

    Understood... However I do believe this was Lucid's choice rather than the new norm for EVs. We owned a BMW I3 and it had an OBD II port. it offered access to battery temperatures and access to all kinds of other data points. Would have been nice to have.
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    OBDII port

    I believe every car or truck on the road manufactured after 1996 is legally mandated to have one installed. How does Lucid get around the regulation?
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    New Tech Talk - Inverter

    The first 3 minutes and the last 3 minutes is all that is needed to understand how it works and how it is put together.
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    RESOLVED A/C Issue

    Surprised service did not "pull and hold vacuum" test the system for leaks before adding freon. That's SOP in the A/C business. We are in South Florida and a working A/C is priority one.
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    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    Got the email as well. Tried to install but it's a no go. I am on 2.0.55. I may need to install a later version?
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    A question for those with higher mileage Lucids

    15 months of ownership and approaching 8k miles on our DEP with zero rattles.
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    First Test Drive Review - Out of Spec Dave

    I turned it off when I realized he had nothing new to say.
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    Tesla drops price for Model S/X further

    There are over 1,000 Tesla MS parked, and ready for delivery across the US, and more coming through the production line with no orders attached to them. This is a problem Tesla has never had before and will be interesting to see how they handle it as Tesla lacks the good old car dealerships...
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    Tesla Price Decrease

    Has anyone done a detailed side by side comparison of a Model S and a Pure?.
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    Tesla v.s Lucid steering & console

    I never got comfortable with the yoke and ended up selling the Plaid after 9 months of ownership. You can now purchase a plaid with either the yoke or a round steering wheel. The truth is =, no matter what wheel Tesla installs the Model S can't match the driving dynamics of the Lucid Air.
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    LUCID Ceramic Brake Upgrade?

    Unsprung weight.? Track performance. Sounds as if Google search has never tried to slow down a 6,000 pound car doing 150 miles on the track. Not sure I would spend the money either. I was surprised to see TESLA offering it as a retrofit to existing customers. Given the fact Lucid Sapphire comes...
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    Ordering and Delivery: Lucid Air Pure

    No kids. But I spent time on a long trip in the back of our DEP and had no problem. Wife is 5'4 so plenty of room for me to stretch in the back seat.
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    Ordering and Delivery: Lucid Air Pure

    With 5 month old, low mile Grand Touring's available for sale for $110k, and most likely dropping another 10k by the time my wife's Pure becomes available, It is hard to justify waiting for a 2-3Q delivery of a Pure with less range and options.
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    LUCID Ceramic Brake Upgrade?

    Just received an offer from Tesla to add ceramic brakes to our Model S Plaid at a price of 20k. Funny thing is, we no longer have the Plaid. Any chance of Lucid offering Ceramic brakes as an Option? Should be a simple thing to do. I for one would grab a set. I wonder how many owners would go for...