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  1. Ashir

    Music stops when lane departure flashes red

    On my first day, during 3 hour drive back from studio I turned off mine. The car tends to keep right. Instrument cluster flashes red warning even when my left tires have not crossed the left white line. I figured I'll get used to it but after driving 4500 miles, most of it interstates, I am...
  2. Ashir

    North Carolina Rally: Tail of the Dragon + More

    Missed the breakfast time. Will see you guys at the Cinema!
  3. Ashir

    North Carolina Rally: Tail of the Dragon + More

    For some reason I am unable to access the Owner's club. After logging in it redirects me to the account I created while purchasing. On the other note, I have RSVPed earlier. However, my car is with the service. I may not be able to join this weekend if I don't get the car back by Thursday.
  4. Ashir

    North Carolina Rally: Tail of the Dragon + More

    Amazing job Rouge! This will be my first time on the stretch, despite having lived in Clemson, SC for 2 years lol. I responded on the docs. My wife and I will be driving from Detroit, MI and try to charge overnight. Who cares about the lease miles when there is rally on such a great route. We...
  5. Ashir

    New Owner - Detroit / SE, Michigan

    I have had it for 1 month, 1k miles only. Loving it so far! It is so comfortable on MI roads, even Detroit lol.
  6. Ashir

    New Owner - Detroit / SE, Michigan

    Welcome Kaz, fellow owner in Detroit. Hope to see you around someday :D
  7. Ashir

    Getting Android Auto into the Lucid

    Did you like the device if it worked at all? With the AI box, you get access to video streaming apps but I think it will not be worth the upgrade for watching videos on a small pilot screen. I am contemplating between the 4.0 or getting an AI box with Android 11. There is an additional $30 off...
  8. Ashir

    Trip planning methods

    I have not made a long trip yet in my Air. What I did when I had Tesla was making sure I save all the "probable" supercharger I will pass through on google maps without much of a detour so that I know where I can stop if Tesla suggests something vague. Usually accurate with Tesla in-built...
  9. Ashir

    The Goose Island Owners Experience Event on Saturday, April 27th, 2024

    I did not make it to the event. Will love to see some pics and reports from the community who did attend the event :)
  10. Ashir

    Highway Assist Lane Centering

    Although its a Lane centering thread, but some of the discussion has been on ACC. I also find it inconvenient to increase/decrease the set speed limit on the rocker in my Lucid. My 2 previous 5-series - a 2005 and a 2018 had more intuitive and easy approach to allow increments of 5mph after...
  11. Ashir

    Lucid API

    Thanks for creating this thread. I will also be following. When I had Tesla I meant to start using HA. Now I don't have Tesla but I am glad the Lucid community is also working on it. With no background in coding, I hope to set up my HA in a month or so and start integrating Lucid along with...