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  1. limtless

    Wheel size effects on range

    Based on the data it's around 4% per inch. So if you use the 19" as the baseline, you will lose around 4% range with 20".
  2. limtless

    Sadly, Lucid is not trending up

    What does it say when you have a Reservations / Cancellations / Farewells dedicated topic 🤔 I canceled my Pure and got my $300 back the next day (I had the original prices). I hope Lucid makes it, but I feel they will go bankrupt and be bought for pennies. So the good luck will be the new...
  3. limtless

    Cancellation experience

    I would agree. I canceled mine by phone with no issues. The guy asked why I wanted to cancel as me SA was on holiday. I told him my concerns that I think this is the Fisker Karma all over again, I want certain features in any car I buy, and I really like the car hope you survive. That was it...
  4. limtless

    Not buying now after I saw this

    That's just lazy posting. I have never trashed Lucid. I have been fair at expressing my frustration with the lack of information they have given on the Pure, their production failures, and I have also expressed my fondness for Lucid the brand and tech talks. I have always said I like the...
  5. limtless

    C8 or Lucid Air - time to decide

    Don't take things so personally as an insult to the Air. You own a DE, you are clearly biased and the group is discussing features and how the cars are entirely different. I try to express my frustration and my thoughts fairly. At the end of the day I always say to each their own and it's...
  6. limtless

    Not buying now after I saw this

    I still like Lucid, the new color is nice, the range, and community are helpful. However, no way am I buying new after I saw all the AGT for sale that cost no more than an AT new. The resale is low and the market has spoken on the value. I'll grab a used Air for cheap at the current rate...
  7. limtless

    30 Used Lucids for sale

    $119,900 for an AGT! Lucid is going the way of the Fisker Karma, value drop! Scary.
  8. limtless

    Touring Order confirmation - Looking to sell

    I was thinking the same, but sell to a dealer. People don't want to buy private party, they just don't like it. Good luck!
  9. limtless

    ? Questions from Launch Event on Pure

    Did Lucid release the Pure RWD HP? (Same for both) They said Pure range is 410 miles, AWD or RWD? What info is now available for the Pure that previously wasn't? Where can I find detailed specs? I have the initial pricing and I am on the fence and have been. I see no need for AWD if they are...
  10. limtless

    C8 or Lucid Air - time to decide

    They are not the same in anyway. BEV vs ICE, 2 seat vs 5, 2 door vs 4, convertible vs roof. I have never got to drive the Air yet sadly. I sold my HTC this summer, make a list of your wants and needs. What do you value and what are you looking for. It's your money, buy the car that makes...
  11. limtless

    Lucid Launch Event

    What is RWD HP on the Pure? They are without a doubt SW limiting HP on the Pure. The website and rep always said RWD was 480HP and TBD on AWD. Now they say AWD is 480HP, so RWD is also 480HP?
  12. limtless

    Something is just not right

    What are your factors? For me the biggest factor is can you produce what you said you would produce...oh wait.
  13. limtless

    Something is just not right

    I think the Hummer looks nice, but I would prefer the SUV variant coming if I wanted one, which I do not want a 10k lb auto. The out-of-the-box design of the Cybertruck is intriguing. This decade will go down in history as the EV Introduction away from Combustion Revolution. So many EV models...
  14. limtless

    I’m Liking EEEEHLOHHHHN(!) Even Less.

    If your neighbor was going to drop a nuclear bomb on you and kill your kids, you might want to find a solution.
  15. limtless

    Quantum Grey vs. Cosmos Silver survey

    Get black and wrap it in whatever you want!
  16. limtless

    Contactors in the high voltage battery pack

    They use tabs for each connection in each pack. It's a concern using one tab for each cell, SPOF. See the techtalk.
  17. limtless

    Sentry Mode

    My personal guess with No insider info, when they can increase the size of the engineering team by a lot. I would guess 2 years, could be wrong. It took Tesla years, but it all comes down to priority and revenue.
  18. limtless

    I’m Liking EEEEHLOHHHHN(!) Even Less.

    C O M P R O M I S E
  19. limtless

    Bricked GMC Hummer

    User caused & could have been avoided if he also knew how to open the hood.
  20. limtless

    Fed up with unresponsive Lucid motors

    Serenity Now! Seems like they don't have a car for you and are stalling. Maybe it's stuck on the line missing carpet, maybe they sold it to someone else, maybe they recked it and it's in the body shop. I have no idea, but I can imagine your thoughts. I saw a YT video on a gold one where they...