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  1. Gullotta

    1.5 years into ownership and I think I regret my purchase.

    I’m in the same boat. Love the car, when everything is working; however, communication for service has been a mixed bag.
  2. Gullotta

    Turtle Mode

    Looks like HV battery replacement.
  3. Gullotta

    Turtle Mode

    Urgently reached out today. Another carrier will pick up our vehicle tomorrow. Unfortunately, not an enclosed trailer. I do have PPF, hopefully no paint damage while transporting.
  4. Gullotta

    Turtle Mode

    Only 10,200
  5. Gullotta

    Turtle Mode

    On Tuesday, 16 April, our Lucid displayed the dreaded “turtle mode” error message. Speed limited to 37mph. Notified service the same day, still awaiting for carrier transport to be arranged through Urgently. Expect to be without the vehicle for several weeks based on lack of available covered...
  6. Gullotta

    For Sale 2022 Air GT *NEW-- 243 miles* For sale NYC area

    Absolutely do not miss driving on the belt parkway!
  7. Gullotta

    Steering wheel creaking

    We had our steering wheel replaced too (car was returned to us yesterday) and it’s a night and day difference.
  8. Gullotta

    Steering wheel replacement

    We just had our steering wheel replaced due to the common button issue others have experienced on this forum. I’ve got to say, the new steering wheel feels and looks different. It’s probably in my head, but the new wheel feels like it’s a much better quality than the one we replaced. Very...
  9. Gullotta

    New Member from Knoxville

  10. Gullotta

    Ghosted by Mobile Service

    @mcr16 Hello, I responded to you via email. @hydbob Thank you for the assist!
  11. Gullotta

    Ghosted by Mobile Service

    Mobile service failed to show up for a scheduled appointment. I contacted lucid care multiple times to assess status. Each time they identified that they reached out to the service team who would be in touch with me. Frustrated in the lack of communication, especially when I rearrange my...
  12. Gullotta

    New member Birmingham Alabama

    Congratulations! I’m located in Huntsville, Black AGT. Enjoy your new ride!
  13. Gullotta

    Lucid App Updates

    I was able to get my account linked.
  14. Gullotta

    Display flicker?

    I had the issue prior to 2.0.55. Haven’t noticed the flicker since.
  15. Gullotta

    Window trim uneven?

    Hopefully a simple fix!
  16. Gullotta

    Why So Many Negative Forum Posts? I've Been a Very Happy Customer.

    We absolutely love our AGT! Just over 2,300 miles.
  17. Gullotta

    iPhone MagSafe mount to replace OEM charging pad.

    That's awesome!!
  18. Gullotta

    Display flicker?

    My wife just noticed this as well.