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    altitude matters

    I should note that I, subjectively, don’t see it as a massive change since it really only starts coming into play at higher speeds, so a good portion of what I would think is the average drivers experience is at lower speeds where the air drag is just less impactful. If we’re talking strictly...
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    altitude matters

    TL;DR: sea level to 1600m (5250ft) would have a ~17% decrease in air density and thus drag force. Not sure how much of the vehicle energy loss is due to that drag force, but I assume it’s a large portion. Disclaimer: I did this all on mobile, so I could have messed up a number...
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    New Owner in Denver, CO

    saw one of you in a zenith red platinum heading south on 93 today. First sighting in the wild for me!
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    Issue Playing 360 Reality Audio

    I had that error pop up once (no idea the cause), but I can still play Atmos enabled audio on Tidal. Not sure on the timeline, but iirc, Tidal combined their tiers at one point, so the Lucid software might be expecting a different Tidal account type than is actually offered anymore.
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    Real world range touring 19 inch wheels

    2024 Touring 19" in Denver, CO. Lifetime 3.1 so far (only 400 on the odometer), but that includes a 3 hour round trip into and out of the mountains in the rain, so I'm pretty happy. Getting closer to 4 each charge around town, and I have a decent amount of elevation in my daily drives. I'll post...
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    Solution to DC Charging Issue “Reconnecting to Vehicle”

    I was running into an issue that I managed to solve, so I figured I’d share since I didn’t see it anywhere. Problem: I would arrive at a DC CCS charger (EA, EVGo, and Chargepoint all had this issue for me), plug in, and everything would seem fine. The charger would authorize payment, and both...
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    New Owner in Denver, CO

    I haven’t seen another on the road out here. Hoping to change that as there is a sea of Teslas out here! Obviously plenty of people that like EVs.
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    New Owner in Denver, CO

    Just saying hi as a new owner! Loving the car so far. Picked up a 2024 Air Touring in Fathom Blue.