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  1. TCGT

    Repair Costs

    Starting a new thread here on general repair costs that might come up. All just FYI. Case #1: Had a rock take out one of my front parking sensors and Lucid is pricing a new sensor at $600 plus tax which does not including painting it. My location (Twin Cities) is 400 miles from Chicago, so...
  2. TCGT

    Tips needed - Planning 1500 Miles round trip

    Good to know. Any issue with fit?
  3. TCGT

    Tips needed - Planning 1500 Miles round trip

    Anyone have an update on the better choice in Tesla Taps being suggested here? I note that @Tesla2.0 recommends the 50 amp, while @Bill55 posted the 80 amp mini.
  4. TCGT

    [SOLD] 3D Mats (Gray) for Grand Touring & Dream for sale SF Bay Area

    I actually have the 3D Grey and they were great this past winter in Minnesota. I also prefer the look - much sleeker and I think they match the Air's modern esthetic. I switched back to the regular OEM mats for the summer, but happy with the 3D's. Match the Grey Grand Touring perfectly.
  5. TCGT

    Suggestion to make it easier to deal with variable effective range

    I can attest to the accuracy of the estimated range, too. On a recent trip (before the new 2.1.3 update) to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota where there are few (and far between) charging options, I was paying close attention to the estimated mileage and found it spot on. This was while driving...
  6. TCGT

    2.1.3 Update

    And for those who want the easy entry due to mobility (ie, need hip surgery), ask your doc to give you some extra length - got both hips done and mine took away an inch instead - ticked I didn’t know he could make me longer!
  7. TCGT

    2.1.3 Update

    I feel a Randy Newman song coming…
  8. TCGT

    2.1.3 Update

    Quick answer: They just confirmed a visit will be needed.
  9. TCGT

    2.1.3 Update

    Back to the update info… After updating I noticed the easy entry is greyed out - was hoping the delay in pushing it out meant that a mobile visit to calibrate the seats wouldn’t be needed, but just contacted CS to find out.
  10. TCGT

    2.1.3 Update

    Software update in progress...
  11. TCGT

    Special TPMS?

    Not a tire guy, but the 19" rims for winter tires I got seemed fine, and there was no charge by Lucid for the TPMS calibration after the fact. Lucid did this in the winter (when other service was scheduled), and this spring, when I put the original 19" all season tires / rims back on. Not sure...
  12. TCGT

    Special TPMS?

    When I switched to new 19" winter tires and rims (both non-OEM) and then back to the original 19"'s, Lucid needed to reset the TPMS via mobile service. No problem in both cases.
  13. TCGT

    New Financing deal

    Simplistic answer is that you are paying something of value to get something of value. You determine if it is worth it or not. The lease offer allows you to walk away from the car in 3 years (at whatever cost it is), without risk of dealing with unknown depreciation of the car (or the company)...
  14. TCGT

    Recall notice

    Quick update on the service for my recall. Car picked up from Twin Cities (MN) with no fuss on a schedule that worked for me (as I was only in town on certain days), and delivered back from Goose Island within a short window of availability (same reason) with great communication by the service...
  15. TCGT

    Quantum Gray GT Stealth - 20”

    Sure thing...I don't think the TPMS is critical if you just check on your own occasionally, and the Lucid service van has made a number of trips out here for our fellow TC owners so will take care of it. Sensors were part of the tire package via Tire Rack (which offers other winter tire options...
  16. TCGT

    Quantum Gray GT Stealth - 20”

    So I was quoted the same $3750 by Lucid last fall for a 19" winter Pirelli tire package but when they told me they didn't have the mobile tire van available to install them before winter I contacted Tire Rack to check on if they had the same Pirelli model. Was told that car companies often do a...
  17. TCGT

    Service Calls to 'Remote' Areas

    Really sorry to hear this news, but you couldn't have handled it better. Calmness in the face of uncertainty is a gift and a great example for those around you.
  18. TCGT

    Can the grid handle EV's? Consumer Reports advocacy group says yes!

    Interesting blog by Consumer Reports energy policy analyst on what it will take to handle maximum adoption of EV's in US...
  19. TCGT

    Quantum Gray GT Stealth - 20”

    Nice! Congrats and welcome to the MN GT club (I think there are about a dozen here). I have a regular QG / Mojave GT, and pretty sure you'll be getting some double takes with that stealth package. Good timing to get it now so you can enjoy it for the summer - got mine last August and have been...
  20. TCGT

    A question for those with higher mileage Lucids

    Over 11k and still as tight as spandex from the 80's.