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    South Dakota registration??

    A lot of jurisdictions are getting wise and cracking down on this. Most states have a requirement for residents to register vehicle in their state. Also, I’m not sure how insurance companies handle this- could be an issue with some at claim time.
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    Range question

    Should be fine. I would think averaging 105mph is probably going to be less than 2mi/kwh… maybe closer to 1.5.
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    NACS (Tesla adapter) versus CCS Megathread

    Shouldn’t there be a separate thread for discussion on Elon Musk’s legal history? I don’t see how any of this is remotely related to Ford/GM supercharger access?
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    NACS (Tesla adapter) versus CCS Megathread

    I assume this means that 2025 models on will only have NACS ports (so need an adapter for CCS).
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    Phone Charger works great but phone overheats and shuts down charging

    It’s probably due to limited air circulation and the fact that when CarPlay is running the phone is constantly processing. Hyundai / Kia actually have air vents in their wireless charging pads to help prevent this.
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    Lucid set up test drive at a Tesla Supercharger Station

    Why did Lucid park right next to an “out of order” sign?
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    First (?) Lucid Fire

    I wonder if this is the car? “Repairable” 😂
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    Tesla’s 6th price cut in 2023

    Even if you look at it under the lens of EV market share (which doesn’t seem relevant to me, as EVs are competing with all cars at this point) I can’t comprehend a scenario where Teslas share increases in the coming years.
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    life of the battery

    That only applies to hybrids unfortunately.
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    Tesla’s 6th price cut in 2023

    Their free cash flow is down by 80% since reducing prices. Admittedly FCF was at extortionate levels before. The vast majority of the money they make is from vehicle profits but I guess in theory they could sell the cars at cost and still make a little profit from services. It’s not like game...
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    Tesla’s 6th price cut in 2023

    I think you are way overthinking this. If they don’t reduce prices then they are going to be stuck with growing inventory (I don’t think FSD is just around the corner :). Even at current levels I think they are just “fairly” priced, not a particularly good deal and nothing like bargain basement...
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    Tesla’s 6th price cut in 2023

    I’m not sure I get the predatory pricing logic. Their prices (and margins) have been absurd for a couple of years. Now they have to drop them to industry average margins to avoid massive inventory pile ups. To me the gouging was what was offensive (not that it wasn’t happening with other...
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    New Touring vs Used Grand Touring

    Maybe they’ll throw in free oil changes.
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    Sounds suspiciously like a Lucid-Bentley team up

    Rimac has controlling ownership of Bugatti now.
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    Q1 Production 2314 cars

    Lucid would never make money by selling the Gravity for Model Y money at any volume because it will cost them more than that to make. The quote is just a common joke.
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    Q1 Production 2314 cars

    A Model Y is $50k-$57k. The Gravity, as I understand, is a larger, heavier / less aerodynamic (bigger battery that Air to get good range?), maybe more complex (air suspension), and equally luxurious as the Air which starts at $87k. That would be a “we lose money on every one we sell, but we’re...
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    Q1 Production 2314 cars

    I think the Gravity can’t come soon enough. I’m not an SUV person, but like it or not the demand for sedans has only been going in one direction in the last 10 years. The market for $80k sedans is only so big and is getting smaller every year. It’s still a head scratcher to me that Lucid...
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    Cruise Control Issue

    I would hope at least the Automatic Emergency Braking would kick in.
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    It's been a really difficult decision

    This is only for hybrids as I understand it? It may change by 2026 however