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    Favorite feature of my Lucid is...

    Obviously love the range and driving dynamics, but the interior fit/finish as well as the interior space are gamechangers for me. Always surprises people when they get in and realize how roomy the vehicle is. Still remember my test drive where I set up the driver seat for me (6" tall) and then...
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    Referral Code Request

    Feel free to use mine if you still need one!
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    Getting my New GT in 2 weeks

    Was going to say same thing. My car is tinted and has had zero issues…
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    Gravity - May 30 - June 16 - Pasadena, CA

    Think it just opened recently. Still waiting on Gravity coming to TX. One of these days!
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    Service in Michigan

    Definitely call and ask any and all questions you have. I live in Austin and the nearest service center is in Houston (2.5 hours away). Any service I've needed has been handled by mobile service (who are great, btw). Lucid also has an arrangement with a body shop in town to the extent it's...
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    To powder coat or not to powder coat?

    For what it's worth, I powder coated the stock 19's from Lucid, and was very happy with the result. Don't think you can go wrong either way.
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    ALL TEXAS OWNERS (or future owners) please post on this thread

    Welcome to the Lucid owners club! At some point will need to do a Lucid and Lattes event in Austin. I'm out in Westlake.
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    Referral code request

    Can use mine as well! Referral Code: 5BJSTMJ8
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    Mileage experience after 5k miles on GT

    I've averaged 3.1, but when being conscious about my driving and using ACC, among other things, I've been at or around 4.0.
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    Lucid app update v1.49.0

    I had a similar issue with the widget previously. After deleting app, reinstalling it and reconnecting the car to the widget, it now works perfectly. I'd suggest just repeating the process again.
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    Referral code

    Same with mine! Welcome to the owners club! Referral Code: 5BJSTMJ8
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    Lucid app update v1.49.0

    I noticed that as well. Like the noticeably quick feedback too...
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    Lucid app update v1.49.0

    3% for me. Running all the time. Mobile key working great and much quicker waking the car up, as others have mentioned. Much improved overall. As an aside, not sure if anyone else noticed this (or maybe I'm just seeing for first time), but in the climate section of the updated app, it now...
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    Which charger to buy

    I'd echo others and say go with the Lucid charger. To the extent you have the capacity on your panel to go with 100A, you can easily charge 2+ cars quickly. Can also adjust downward accordingly if you just want to swap out an existing charger.
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    Looking for a Referral Code

    Feel free to use mine in my profile! Congrats on taking delivery!
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    ALL TEXAS OWNERS (or future owners) please post on this thread

    Note quite as efficient on return trip today (~3.2 mi/kWh), but I wasn't as focused on efficiency as traffic was moving faster. Still arrived home with 200-ish miles of range left. Hotel charged car for me overnight in Dallas so was fully charged for return trip using the tesla destination...
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    ALL TEXAS OWNERS (or future owners) please post on this thread

    Just did the drive from Austin to Dallas (~200 miles) at an average speed on I-35 at ~78mph with some massaging towards the end. Got 3.7 mi/kWh. After charging my GT to 100% (showing 505 miles of range), arrived with ~243 miles of range left, having used 54kWh on the way. Great efficiency...
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    Lucid Gravity getting ready for Prime Time

    You are correct. The engine requires DEF fluid to reduce emissions. They sell it everywhere now. When DEF tank Is too low, the car limits speed and will eventually stop running. Indicator on the dash just like oil life…
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    Lucid Gravity getting ready for Prime Time

    Makes total sense. Not sure my wife is ready to go full electric at this point. Also, her new diesel Suburban is a really efficient machine for being that big (26-28mpg). Super Cruise is super nice on long haul drives too. Waiting for that hands-free feature on our Lucids!