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  1. Bob Lahblaw

    Lucid Air Sunshade, Glass Canopy — Now Available

    In case of interest to those considering whether or not to purchase, here are the installation instructions….
  2. Bob Lahblaw

    Vanity mirrors

    Yes, I had the very same issue several months ago…noticed it when Mobile Tech Service was fixing something else. He just pressed it back down (which I was going to do, but since he was there, thought I’d have him look at it first). Have not had any issue since. Hopefully your experience will be...
  3. Bob Lahblaw

    Motortrend Lucid Service Article - Hey, I know that guy!

    Mike is the Lucid Mobile Service Tech that services my area. He is awesome…personable, knowledgeable and proactive! “A Lucid Service Tech Came to My House….”
  4. Bob Lahblaw

    Will EA be the death of EVs?

    Well, then I guess it was a coincidence, and I shouldn’t have given EA a pass on that first fail! 😜
  5. Bob Lahblaw

    Will EA be the death of EVs?

    So much for “fast charging”… Only 2nd time at EA in the 8 months I’ve owned my AGT. Had preconditioned battery 20+ mins before getting here, with 27% SOC on arrival. At least 3 out of the 10 EA stations are down (blank screens). Plugged into 350kW charger and initially rejected. Appears it...
  6. Bob Lahblaw

    RESOLVED Rear ac for kids

    Don’t feel too badly. I read the manual front-to-back when I first got the car, but the “turning the knob” part didn’t stick. 8 months into ownership I discovered the rear vents were closed and “discovered” could be opened with a little twist of the knobs…the rear air conditioning has been...
  7. Bob Lahblaw

    Hold Mode Disappeared

    I have had this issue a couple of times. Always a bit surprising and disturbing when expecting “hold” to…ummm…take hold, and it does not. When I go into park, and then Settings->Vehicle->DriveSettings->StopMode, it is an easy matter to switch it back to “Hold”. But it is unnerving when it...
  8. Bob Lahblaw

    Dual MagSafe phone charging

    I’ve just now ordered one as well. Thanks for posting about this.
  9. Bob Lahblaw

    Windshield sparkles….

    Ah, I did not yet think to clean the inside of the windshield! Seems foolishly obvious to try…now.
  10. Bob Lahblaw

    Windshield sparkles….

    When driving on a very sunny day, and the sun hits the windshield at a certain angle, I see sparkles all over the windshield. At first I thought it was dust/dirt…that’s what it looks like, dust catching the sunlight. But cleaning the windshield doesn’t remove it. Then I was wondering if it might...
  11. Bob Lahblaw

    Backup Camera - Alternate Graphics?

    Gotcha. And I assume currently no option to choose one over the other?
  12. Bob Lahblaw

    Backup Camera - Alternate Graphics?

    My backup camera graphics alternate from time to time between the two versions in the attached pics. In fact just yesterday, backing out, the first version came up (white parallel lines and red perpendicular line), whereas the other day the second version came up (white parallel lines and...
  13. Bob Lahblaw

    Vanity plates

  14. Bob Lahblaw

    Floor mats!

    Oops…meant to type Tahoe…not Mojave.
  15. Bob Lahblaw

    Floor mats!

    Rec’d my 3D mats today (black) and they look much better than I anticipated in the Mojave interior. These are what the Lucid-branded “all weather” mats should have been!
  16. Bob Lahblaw

    Any Other Ohio Owners (or Owners to be)?

    About 30 mins North of Cincy. Will send you a DM.
  17. Bob Lahblaw

    Hydrophobic coating for windshield?

    I’ve used Rain-X twice now on my AGT. No chattering from the very nominal use of wipers, when at low speed, when Rain-X effects don’t yet kick-in (first I’ve ever heard chattering could be an issue). Rain-x has worked wonderfully on both occasions. I never knew of the reco to apply vertically...
  18. Bob Lahblaw

    Fog inside the camera casing

    Mirrors are not the issue. They work just fine…no fogging up whatsoever. The fogging issue is inside the glass over windshield camera and the left and right B pillar cameras. So far, the fogging does not appear to affect camera function. Tho’ I did get a “camera obstructed” message (or something...
  19. Bob Lahblaw

    Fog inside the camera casing

    I have had fogging on both the left and right B pillar cameras, and just two days ago, significant fogging on the front/windshield camera. I had previously reported the driver’s side B pillar camera fogging to CustomerCare (as that was the first one I had noticed). They told me it was most...