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  1. SDHacker

    To max cooling in front - rear AC on or off?

    My experience is similar regarding charging on roadtrips vs closest EA to home. I get good charging rates on roadtrips regardless of whether the car starts preconditioning 45 minutes ahead of arrival at the station or for whatever reason, it doesn't start preconditioning automatically (except...
  2. SDHacker

    Favorite feature of my Lucid is...

    My favorite feature is whatever it is that makes my wife uncomfortable transitioning from her Prius to the Lucid so she leaves my car alone and doesn't make me take the Prius. Outside of that, after several long roadtrips, I'd have to say the seats.
  3. SDHacker

    Lucid Air Sunshade, Glass Canopy — Now Available

    Bought on amazon. Works well but rolling it up is a little bit of a hassle compared to folding the thinner screens. But the thicker tough pro does a good job of blocking out the sun/heat. Fit is good.
  4. SDHacker

    RESOLVED Lucid App showing wrong EA station

    Is everyone that experienced this using an Apple device? Mid March I drove from SD to San Antonio and had to use the Lucid app to authenticate a few times and didn’t have any issues with location being incorrect. I use EA locally and have not experienced this issue. I’m android based.
  5. SDHacker

    New Owner 2024 Air Touring QG Tahoe

    I averaged 4.2 driving the hill country roads of TX at those speeds with nice weather but 3.2 driving 75 to 85 on AZ, NM and TX freeways under cold and windy conditions
  6. SDHacker

    Spotify not loading

    No, a logo reset is soft and won’t alter any settings.
  7. SDHacker

    New owner with a few questions

    Just drove from San Diego to San Antonio with HA on long stretches of straight highway. You need to totally relax your arm, no muscle tension with your arm hanging limp with your fingers just resting on the wheel. The only time I get an alarm is when HA does a wtf move and I have to counter it...
  8. SDHacker

    Air Pure DC Fast Charging

    Just means you’ve been lucky you haven’t run into a 350 charger undergoing maintenance/having software upgrade where they limit power. Or a 150 charger that will only get to 40 for weeks/months until they fix it.
  9. SDHacker

    Activate Plug and Charge

    Have you tried charging and had the station not recognize your Lucid or just asking?
  10. SDHacker

    Motor Trend: Power + Money: 2024 Lucid Air Sapphire vs. Tesla Model S Plaid!

    I think you need to read the entire press release…you seem to have missed where they talk about the suspension and things that impact handling. “Our aim with this, our first Sapphire model, is to complement the exceptional powertrain with sharper, more responsive driving dynamics and increased...
  11. SDHacker

    Motor Trend: Power + Money: 2024 Lucid Air Sapphire vs. Tesla Model S Plaid! Beefed up suspension, battery cooling, programming for things like traction control customized. They didn’t just slap 1 more motor in a GT and call it a day.
  12. SDHacker

    10 Months In - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    In 18 months of ownership, I’ve had 3 mobile visits. 1 to diagnose the problem and order the part and the 2nd to install the new part with the 3rd being the annual maintenance. I become complacent about how good the ride and handling are until I drive or ride in another car. WOW…smile in...
  13. SDHacker

    Ford reduces Mach E prices!

    Ford had to do something. 362 market day supply - 3rd worst selling car in USA in terms of sales vs supply.
  14. SDHacker

    EV-specific Android Auto functionality coming

    When I'm on a road trip, I always verify with google even when HERE shows the expected route and especially when it shows an alternate route. On a trip to Olympic national park, HERE didn't know the highway in the park was closed for construction and you had to take an alternate route but...
  15. SDHacker

    6.2 miles/kwh! But...

    That translates to about 44-45 psi cold. I’m running about 52-54 psi warm when inflated to 49 cold. It is weird that efficiency didn’t update
  16. SDHacker

    Aggressive Braking in Cruise

    You’re engaging collision avoidance which is why the car is braking so hard. There are differences in ADAS implementations across manufacturers so you can’t assume it works the same just because brand X did it a certain way.
  17. SDHacker

    Questions About OTA Update Process

    I was out of the country for both .43 and .47 updates. The app notified me that both updates were available for installation and I installed both via the app while away from home. About the only time I thought about the car was when we were being driven around and thinking “I would never drive...
  18. SDHacker

    Scheduled Maintenance

    For mobile visits, they test the voltage and if it’s 3V, they don’t replace. Then a couple months later, I had to use the app to unlock the car and input my pin to drive since it couldn’t detect the fob. Next day I used the dead fob on b pillar to unlock and replaced the battery. So I agree...
  19. SDHacker

    Auxiliary Power Supply Fault

    I’ve DCFC charged to 100% when I’m going to be far from even L2 chargers on road-trips. Just really bad luck and hopefully this repair will be the end of it.
  20. SDHacker

    Off-Topic CyberTruck is now in showrooms

    My fanboy brother got on the waitlist early but finally got tired of waiting and bought a MY. He might still get the truck in what he thinks will be 3 years when his slot comes up.