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  1. Paul

    I’m not near maxed out and would really appreciate you using my referral code...

    I’m not near maxed out and would really appreciate you using my referral code.
  2. Paul

    This Could Be A Charging Gamechanger
  3. Paul

    Remove Referral if Maxed Out

    Not maxed out:
  4. Paul

    Need Referral Please

    Not maxed out
  5. Paul

    Referral requested

    I am not maxed out
  6. Paul

    Referral Code

    I am not maxed out
  7. Paul

    Referral points issue

    I made a referral for a Touring that was delivered in March and never received points. I emailed Customer Care. They said they would look into it but no response.
  8. Paul

    Tesla Universal Destination Chargers not charging 2023 Lucid Air - Any insights?

    Any chance that you have activated charging schedule?
  9. Paul

    (Estimate) Single family house installation quote: is this reasonable?

    I feel that you received an appropriate quote from a quality electrical company. I used Baker Electric which is also a quality company that uses quality parts and gets appropriate permits and inspections. Their price was $1500 with 30 feet of conduit. Don’t cheep out on the installation; your...
  10. Paul

    Spotify not loading

    Pilot Panel/Settings/About The Air logo is toward the top a bit to the left.
  11. Paul

    Spotify not loading

    Try a “Logo Reset”. Under Settings, hold the Air logo for about 15 seconds. The screens will power down and reappear in a couple minutes.
  12. Paul

    Referral Code for Quynh$2,500%20off%20or%20a%20lease%20rebate,%20on%20a%20brand-new%20Lucid%20Air.%20This%20exclusive%20offer%20ends%20March%2031st.
  13. Paul

    Looking to understand the Lucid Pure experience from anyone here + I'll take a referral code if you are willing!$2,500%20off%20or%20a%20lease%20rebate,%20on%20a%20brand-new%20Lucid%20Air.%20This%20exclusive%20offer%20ends%20March%2031st.
  14. Paul

    New Instrument Cluster Experience in iOS 17.4

    It is a large update, took over an hour, but I do not see any CarPlay changes.
  15. Paul

    New Instrument Cluster Experience in iOS 17.4

    iOS 17.4 is now available.
  16. Paul

    FEATURE OTA Update 2.1.52

    If you are referring to Waze, the zoom feature can be set in the Waze app
  17. Paul

    Referral Rewards Jacket Sizes

    I am interested in using some points for the Bomber Jacket and Zip Jacket but I am not sure about size. Sizes range from small to 3X and the size chart is not very helpful. Does anyone have any experience with the jackets, their sizing and quality (I am 6’ and 170 lbs.)?
  18. Paul

    San Diego meetup - 02/04/24

    I will plan to be there!
  19. Paul

    Referral Code for Quynh$1,250%20vehicle%20discount%20or%20rebate
  20. Paul

    FEATURE OTA Update 2.1.47

    The first 2.1.47 update was for the left turn signal; the second was for the right turn signal.