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  1. MHDave

    So I sat in the back seat…

    The seating, the leg/floor space, the view, the lighting, the sound ... best seat in the house. When I'm charging the car on the road and sitting in the car, that's where I go.
  2. MHDave

    Ground clearance not a problem...

    Gotta be photoshopped. I see no dust on that clean white car. No, wait, there's a bit of dirt on the tires ... nice editting! Just joking ... so where is this? Beautiful.
  3. MHDave

    Suggestion to make it easier to deal with variable effective range

    Oh, I fully agree as I have stated in the past that the calculations could certainly use some sophistication. I just didn't agree with the suggestion that the calculation be simplified to m*g*h, and your elaborated response seems to agree. As for the critical look, I think if you were to look at...
  4. MHDave

    New Video: The Escape

    Though I'm sure you meant "unbeatable", many with normal bladders may agree that the range is unbearable.
  5. MHDave

    Advice please for used AGT

    Yeah, you'd want the dealer (as current owner) to get the information from Lucid and share (in writing) with you. Regardless, with the drive fault, you know that you'll likely need some immediate service on the car, and though the outcome after being serviced will likely be great, there is that...
  6. MHDave

    Optimal External Temp for Charging??

    I would speculate that you may find the BMS spins the fans less, wasting part of the energy spent on charging, if you lower the max charge target on hot days to say 50-70%, and thus have to charge more frequently. I've noticed the fans kick into high speed mode when DC charging as the battery's...
  7. MHDave

    Suggestion to make it easier to deal with variable effective range

    Hmmm. So, starting at say 9900' current elevation, highest point 10000', and destination elevation 0' (you didn't mention destination), and the reverse trip 0->10000->9900, you'd use the same energy? I'd be surprised, but then again you know rocket launches. I'd probably gone for an integral...
  8. MHDave

    Optimal External Temp for Charging??

    The entire charging system, including the car's and the charger, need thermal control. If your car is at a good temperature but the charger just finished a blistering charging session, its components including the cable will be hot and charging performance limited. If the external temperatures...
  9. MHDave

    First impression 10 days in

    Third option ... hold slight pressure on the turn signal stalk while you're changing lanes, then release. Camera stays on and blinkers stay on while you're doing this. By "slight pressure" I mean that you do the same thing you'd do to get the three blinks, but don't release until you're ready...
  10. MHDave

    Ordering and Delivery: Lucid Air Pure

    I initially had such a concern, but it has so far not been an issue. Driving on hot sunny days, the top glass tint filters the sunlight and you don't feel like you need a hat. It is hot inside the car at first when you get in from leaving it in a sunny location in a parking lot, but that's the...
  11. MHDave

    Key Fob Lucid should have done

    My experience is the same as Bobby's ... I used the fob twice, first when its functions were demonstrated to me when I first got the fob, and once at home just to confirm its use. Since then, stowed in a faraday pouch. My phone is my everyday access key. I do keep the card in my RFID-protected...
  12. MHDave

    Pilot Screen setting for navigation to disable north facing mode

    oops, my bad, thanks for correcting me! I had read that myself some time ago and since forgotten.
  13. MHDave

    Pilot Screen setting for navigation to disable north facing mode

    I don't believe that changing the map orientation on the pilot panel is a user option.
  14. MHDave

    WiFi security/encryption & broadcasting SSID

    This is the way. Personally, I only turn on WiFi in the car when in my garage and I'm expecting an update soon, as my WiFi connection is usually faster than my cellular and I'm rural enough to not worry about someone hacking the WiFi connection.
  15. MHDave

    2.0.68 Release

    The release numbering scheme is not a single digit increment -- there have not been 67 released versions since 2.0. And releases are distributed to cars not en masse but in small batches over a period of what seems to be around a week. How the batches are created and managed is not public...
  16. MHDave

    Windshield wiper system auto function not sensitive

    If you search this forum you'll find a number of complaints about rain sensor sensitivity, and a number of responses saying it works just fine. I'm in the latter camp. Perhaps you can contact customer service and ask what you or they can do to improve your experience.
  17. MHDave

    New to EVs and One-Pedal Driving?

    Once you have done a couple of drives with regen on, particularly on the high setting, you'll quickly settle into that comfortably. Unfortunately, when you next have to drive a vehicle without regen and have to press on the brake instead of just slowly taking your foot off the accelerator...
  18. MHDave

    What is the best way to come off ACC with High Regen?

    I just push down to "about" the right spot and cancel ACC/HA. I don't watch for the "Override" indicator. It isn't perfect but works well enough ... you only get the strong deceleration when your foot is completely off the pedal.
  19. MHDave

    Adapting to Regenerative Braking

    I'm thinking your body is a non-standard (custom design) issue, and mine is quite standard ;). No problems here on seeing the bulk of the displays. And I never need to adjust the steering wheel or mirror positions while driving, in any car, unless someone else drove last and adjusted my optimal...
  20. MHDave

    Regenerative Braking and Charge Limit

    I accidentally charged to 87% the other day when I usually have the charge limit set at 80. As I left the charging station I found no difference in regenerative braking, which is in line with others stating that the reduction in regenerative braking isn't apparent until you reach an SoC of mid...