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  1. billvb

    Top Gear: Lucid chief says “Tesla is distracted right now”

    Thanks for sharing this, @xponents !
  2. billvb

    Lucid app update v1.49.0

    I have my Lucid App's "Location" setting set to "Always", and Have "Background App Refresh" turned on, and have "Cellular Data" turned on. I wonder if it might possibly have to do with proximity between your Lucid and your iPhone?
  3. billvb

    Lucid app update v1.49.0

    No, Tim-in-CA - this isn't happening for me - it must be something specific in your iPhone settings, or some other variable. Lucid app is only 3% for me.
  4. billvb

    Lucid app update v1.49.0

    This update has really restored Apple Watch functionality; my watch app has been solid and relatively snappy since the update (and deleting and restoring the app in my watch…), even when I don’t have my phone with me. Really appreciate the restored and newly solidified functionality!
  5. billvb

    Insurer would not cover a Lucid

    Yeah, same - that’s what we pay for our State Farm policy for our Air GT.
  6. billvb

    With great pleasure

    Congrats and welcome!
  7. billvb

    CarPlay connectivity needs improvement.

    The thing I hate the most, is when I’m using Apple Maps in CarPlay to navigate to a destination and have passengers with me, and part of the way there in some busy intersection, CarPlay just disappears, and the icon to relaunch CarPlay is gone, and I have to quickly enter the destination into...
  8. billvb

    EV Newb with GT on order and High Anxiety 😬

    @Leftlane - you really don’t have to worry so much about it. With the range of an Air GT you’ll have no problem with finding sufficient chargers for road trips, but having a home charger is really the way to go for everyday driving. We have an Air GT and it still makes me smile every time I...
  9. billvb

    FEATURE OTA Update 2.1.52

    I received and installed this update yesterday. I had a long drive today and gave CarPlay a good long test - switching back and forth between music sources and making phone calls and asking Siri queries - and the experience was ROCK SOLID. Great improvement!
  10. billvb

    Just purchased and super happy

    Congrats!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed our Air GT!
  11. billvb

    Help with Network Security Detection for outgoing communication from Lucid?

    Hey all, I've had my Air GT on my home network without incident since it came home last April. but I got the following 'Security Detection' messages from my router (Unifi Dream Machine Pro) today: Is this something I should allow my Lucid to do, or should I block it? Could this be related to...
  12. billvb

    Key Fob Lanyard

    @exponents - I grab my fob when I’m heading out and always have my iPhone with me, so I just keep the valet card in a safe place at home. Also, you have to enter a pin to drive, so not a great solution for everyday driving. I’m quite happy rocking my key fob everybody, I just need a new lanyard!
  13. billvb

    Key Fob Lanyard

    Thank you @hydbob - I ordered it.
  14. billvb

    Key Fob Lanyard

    @Bobby - I always appreciate your feedback and have tried to follow your evangelism for the fob-free lifestyle, but I just find the fob performs better for me.
  15. billvb

    Key Fob Lanyard

    Thanks for the suggestion @SM_NCarolina - but I tried leaving the fob at home for several weeks and in my experience the car's response to proximity of the fob is so much snappier and more dependable than the phone app. I really hate trying to fish out my iPhone with 2 arms full of groceries.
  16. billvb

    Key Fob Lanyard

    Has anyone found a good replacement for the lanyard? Mine just broke this morning and I need to either: a) find a way to order replacements from Lucid or b) find a sturdier alternative Anyone have some sweet key fob solutions to share?
  17. billvb

    Referral prompts

    Yeah same - I received one email about it. Compared to my experience with Tesla, this campaign has been tasteful and subdued.
  18. billvb

    OTA update 2.1.42

    This looks like a great update!
  19. billvb

    Surround View Boot Lag

    I’m okay with slow start-up, but lately I’ve been having more “camera unavailable” messages and situations where it feels like the camera launch sequence has crashed - it’s a serious drag when you get in your vehicle and really need the camera systems to navigate your way out of a tight parking...