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    Best reactions to your Air

    I was recently driving on the highway in the right lane. A work pickup truck pulls up next to me In the left lane. The guy in the front passenger seat starts taking pictures of my car with his phone and then takes a selfie with my car in the background. After that they zoom away.
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    Title and plates

    Nope. Don’t see the pass listed.
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    Title and plates

    They just showed up. I didn’t really look at them until just a bit ago (still got temps on) and noticed they are not the EV plates required here. There is an electric vehicle fee (51.88) and plug-in electrical vehicle decal fee (0.25) listed among the many registration fees. Not sure if the...
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    Title and plates

    Just got my plates couple days ago. Delivery 12/31/22. In Colorado.
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    Locked in car

    Concerning that does not lock when walking away. I usually don’t check to see if it locks but I guess I should start.
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    Locked in car

    I only use the mobile key and I have had this happen to me intermittently. Most of the time it will eventually connect with the mobile key but 2 or 3 times the car turned off and locked while I was in the car. Had to use the app to unlock so didn’t set off alarm.
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    Registration in Colorado

    I took delivery 12/31/22 and still don’t have plates. Sent back paperwork about 6-8 weeks ago (mistake on initial paperwork). Lucid sent me new temps.
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    FEATURE Lucid Financial Services portal

    Thanks for the info! Making a phone payment takes forever. The automated system speaks slowly and repeats everything multiple times. Can’t wait until can set up auto pay online.
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    Floor mats!

    Just put my order in. Thanks for the info!
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    Title and plates

    I have not gotten my plates either. Took delivery 12/31/22. They sent me new temps.
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    Warning: Eye strain, Split vision, and headache for tall drivers

    Has your car been delivered? If so, is it true that your car does not have this issue?
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    Warning: Eye strain, Split vision, and headache for tall drivers

    Any info from service on this issue?
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    I did their level 2 PPF (full front without a pillars). Didn’t want to spend the money for full...

    I did their level 2 PPF (full front without a pillars). Didn’t want to spend the money for full car. I didn’t get ceramic coating so not sure on that one.
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    Welcome to the club! I had PPF and tint done with ColoradoDetail. They have worked on my Lucid as well as two other cars. They do good work.
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    EA Charging

    I have always needed to use the Lucid app to start charging at EA station for my touring.
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    Backup camera says "unavailable" about once a day

    My backup camera works when in reverse but when cameras activate because close to something in front of the car neither front or rear cameras work. 360 view camera and blind spot cameras do not work at all. Fixed once for one drive after soft reset but since then soft resets have not helped...
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    To ppf, or not to ppf. This is the question.

    Agree that install was not great. Also agree that he has valid points concerning what one does when rock chips or imperfections from bird droppings occur on installed PPF. I had PPF installed on my touring but maybe would have been cheaper and looked better over the time of my ownership if did...
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    Floor mats!

    Is the front footwell in the touring deeper than the GT? I guess I thought it was the same….
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    Floor mats!

    The mats look great! Still trying to decide between gray and black….
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    Floor mats!

    Great. Thanks!