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    Thank you for reaching out. Just saw your message. Not interested at this time. Good luck...

    Thank you for reaching out. Just saw your message. Not interested at this time. Good luck with the sale!
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    2023 Air GT April lease deal

    My understanding from my SA is there are no more 23 GT left. where do you guys find these ?
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    21” all season tires

    I also could not tell much off the Erange website. Unless someone chimes in differently, still only one official option for 21 wheels. Summer PZ! However, some people seem to have tried Continental or Michelin AS from various threads.
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    21” all season tires

    Hey everyone, Trying to see if there a current list of 20 and 21 tires approved for GT (both summer and all season) Are we still stuck with PZ as the only approved tire for 21 inch wheels?
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    Adjustable suspension?

    It cannot be raised, but someone had it lowered around here!
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    Sunglasses holder

    Thx, now I get it. Does it scratch the undersurface of the panel?
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    ‘22 New Inventory Deals: $110k GT’s, 0% interest

    My vin is late sept. Also have the same concern/question. My test drive AGT had an earlier sept vin and has some panel gap issues.
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    Sunglasses holder

    Thx for the description, but a pic is worth a thousand words, so please 🙃, and I promise no judgment
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    Sunglasses holder

    Now that's what I'm talking about! Does it shake while driving?
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    Sunglasses holder

    Thx for replies. Was hoping for an out of the box solution. I have two pairs for day/night, so dont want the other pair shaking while i am driving. I may try the sunvisor clip although worried about repeated stress on its attachment. Just to confirm, No accessory by Lucid for this?
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    Sunglasses holder

    Did a quick search without results. Simple question. What are you guys doing to store sunglasses? I like to keep a tidy interior. Pictures would be helpful too.
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    Lucid Air or BMW i5

    For cargo/interior space and uniqueness, Lucid wins. For software, BMW is actually much better currently. Looks follow different philosophy, so to each their cup of tea. Both are going to be great highway cruisers. Range may be closer than EPA numbers show, and if BMW joins NACS, it will be...
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    World Events

    I really wouldn't expect it. SA not close politically or geographically to the fray.
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    Are these charging speeds real?

    Thank you. This is more meaningful to me than all the speculation I see. Also, I have yet to see data regarding battery degradation with DCFC with the expected # of cycles for a car. Would appreciate if someone can point me to a paper/link. Thx to all
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    Are these charging speeds real?

    For what car? Taycan?
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    Minor Interior Cosmetic Issue

    For such a high frequency item, I, too, am surprised by their feel. From a trim perspective, this and the door handles were my only complaint!
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    Wheel size

    I got into an easy oversteer with the 19 on my GT test drive. And I am not a crazy driver by any stretch. so I will go for 20 summer, but may eventually settle into a good AS too. Looks was a factor, but as others mentioned, forged aftermarket is very appealing
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    New Lucid! Full PPF/Chrome delete

    Do you mind sharing some pics under different lighting conditions? Also contemplating chrome delete here. It looks like you kept the front bar
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    issues with buying process

    Can I ask what numbers were not simple enough to run through Lucid calculator or Leasehackr calculator? I usually ask for residuals and money factor and plug that in, and it is straight forward from there. My issue has been the application itself on Lucid website. It would not go through...