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    RESOLVED USB shuffle?

    Try the new update. It has shuffle play. It also remembers where you left off after a stop.
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    FEATURE 2024 Wishlist Survey

    If you back into your garage, it's just as easy to back into a parking spot. Try a few times with no cars around. The backup camera is really good and provides a clear view of where your car is heading. The surround view provides the rest to accurately backup park.
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    FEATURE 2024 Wishlist Survey

    Backup into the parking spaces. Higher clearance in the rear. Saves the air dams.
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    FEATURE 2024 Wishlist Survey

    Tight garage spaces are not limited to 1920s houses. I would also like the mirrors to remain folded at home until I’m out of the garage. It would be useful to have a setting that auto folds the mirrors when I get home. Auto unfold after I clear the garage.
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    Santa Cruz vs Mojave?

    I have a 2023 Touring, Zenith and Red Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is generally lighter, cleaner look with dark front seats. The materials are comparable within a model GT, Touring or Pure. They are different between models. Attached are photos of Santa Cruz interior and the Materials. from 2023. I...
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    Lucid app update v1.49.0

    Check your accessibility settings. Display & text size. Adjust size smaller of larger text.
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    Lucid app update v1.49.0

    Same for me until I searched for the app in the App Store. Them it shows as an update.
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    Excited New Owner of Touring in San Carlos

    Your solar installer could be a good choice to install your charger.
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    Can you tell the start / stop times of charging when you have it charging overnight

    The “notification “ that I was looking for is the charging history for level 2 charging. I wanted a record of the level2 energy like you get for DCFS.
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    Can you tell the start / stop times of charging when you have it charging overnight

    It’s been a while since I checked for the notifications after level two charging. Will try to remember to check the next time. Hope it’s working for me.
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    Can you tell the start / stop times of charging when you have it charging overnight

    For iOS, you only get notifications on DC fast charging. You do not get notifications on level two charging. It would be a good thing to add that capability.
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    EV Range Calculator

    Does the app run on CarPlay?
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    NEMA vs Lucid Charging Station vs Tesla Wall Connector

    Mine is set at 13kw. Check your dip switch setting.
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    Who paid to keep Sirius? Most of our 'trials' expire in a few days!

    Your existing Plan should allow you to stream. You could stream using CarPlay and the SXM app.
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    Front Wheel Air Directors

    I had my left (driver side) one replaced recently. Technician suggested backing in to park when there are curbs or parking bumpers.
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    Playlist and USB music.

    I am using the USB music now that the SiriusXM streaming has ended. It needs some improvements. Add shuffle play. The music should continue from the point where the music stopped when my trip was completed. There are times when the music only plays one song and stops.
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    3D max mats for Santa Cruz interior

    When did you order your mats? The mats that I just received are a little different. They do not provide as good coverage on the side - particularly the front passenger side. 3D Mats acknowledged they updated the design. Any new 3D mats for Touring do not provide Perfect coverage.
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    First mobile service this Friday coming

    My mobile service came in Air GT service vehicle Told me they are getting rid of the diesel vans.
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    NEMA vs Lucid Charging Station vs Tesla Wall Connector

    I also have the LCHCS because of the promise of V2H. I would wait on the LCHCS until the V2H is real. The other charging options you have are plenty fast enough for your needs.
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    EA is Improving

    I get much higher charging with preconditioning. Lucid starts preconditioning around 50 minutes on my trips in 50 temp. It would be great to be able to start preconditioning from the app for local charging.