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  1. Bus Driver

    Lucid & EA hardware changes with the new NACS standard

    My gut feeling tells me that now that Tesla’s entire 500-person strong supercharger team have been fired, Lucid are feeling a little less urgent about converting to NACS, and Ford and Rivian are both feeling a little buyer’s remorse.
  2. Bus Driver

    Speculation Gravity Features

    How are Hankooks generally, with regards to tyre noise? More than handling capability and durability, I prize low road noise over anything. I’m due to change out my OEMs within the next month or two. By then they’ll have close to 40,000 miles. So, I’m starting to shop around.
  3. Bus Driver

    Real world range touring 19 inch wheels

    You dared to drive 65 on the 5? Girl, you’re brave!
  4. Bus Driver

    Real world range touring 19 inch wheels

    I’m in Southern California. GT with the 19 inch wheels and the frumpy wheel covers to match. However I was delighted to discover yesterday that keeping my cruise control pegged at 70 mph indicated got me a four-point-oh. 4.0 miles per kWh. 140 miles of mostly freeway driving, OAT mainly in...
  5. Bus Driver


    And yet there was a new owner grousing on the Lucid Faceboook group about how he test drove a GT, and found it not completely satisfying. The car he test drove felt “heavy and like the controls were through remote desktop with high latency.” Had no idea what he was talking about. The...
  6. Bus Driver

    How to reach the service team at Costa Mesa

    Was it Frank Collins? I hope you got the inestimable Frank Collins! He’s the best.
  7. Bus Driver

    Post/share your non-Lucid other car(s)! (ICE-appreciation thread?)

    Let me be a Mr. Grammar Know It All here, and encourage you to make use of the conditional subjunctive - “if I WERE” instead of “if I was”. For some reason it’ll make you sound more learned, more grown up than you yourself already seem. Regarding your 70% statistic - my own high school...
  8. Bus Driver

    New HV Battery

    It took a little over a fortnight (sixteen days to be exact), to get my battery replaced, and that includes the day they came to pick up the car and the evening they returned it to me. Both times they used an auto transport. Initially I was told that my service centre would have to wait “over...
  9. Bus Driver

    Lucid app update v1.49.0

    Just followed your instructions. Thanks so much! Had no idea you could do that. And, ooohhhh… it’s so pretty!
  10. Bus Driver

    Tesla wall charger to Lucid set up

    I recommend continuing using your Tesla wallcharger as so many of us are already doing. I can’t imagine any scenario where I’d require my car to feed electricity to my house. Even less than likely if I’m looking at having to upgrade my electrical box first.
  11. Bus Driver

    Wind noise

    My problem is I can’t reproduce the wind noise each and every time I drive. Sometimes I hear the sound of rushing air from the upper part of the driver’s door frame, sometimes I don’t. It’s maddening because when I make up my mind to call Lucid Customer Care to make an appointment, the wind...
  12. Bus Driver

    New HV Battery

    Not meaning to be a Negative Nancy here - We all need to enjoy this premium level of service we’re now enjoying. We really do. Once Lucid’s mass market model, whatever that turns out to be, hits the streets it’ll be all over. We won’t even be able to get anyone to pick up the phone never...
  13. Bus Driver

    My “Lucidversary” review

    I bought a pair of Maui Jims once, long ago. About $300 with a discount if I recall correctly. Didn’t have them for more than a month before they got crushed within their soft sided case, while my bag was going through the scanner at TSA security. No fault of TSA, or the scanner. Some big...
  14. Bus Driver

    Drive System Fault Megathread

    That’s exactly what happened to my car too. September 2022 GT with 33,000 miles. Took them less than a week to replace the HV battery and return the car to me via auto transport. This was out in Southern California.
  15. Bus Driver

    RESOLVED Is motor whine normal?

    About your complaint regarding Highway Assist - I have noted that since a major software update that gave us the ability to bias the car left, right or centre while in HA mode, the car now tends to wander within its lane. Sort of like a bloodhound sniffing around to keep on the trail of a small...
  16. Bus Driver

    RESOLVED Lucid App showing wrong EA station

    Man, you’re hitting ALL the garden spots - Lordsburg, Pecos, Midland… I’ve done that SAN to DFW drive six times in the last twenty four years. That stretch from El Paso to Weatherford is no fun. Safe driving wherever you end up, and may the DCFC gods remain with you.
  17. Bus Driver

    Wind noise

    I’m too busy worrying about staying in my lane at 130 mph (the fastest I’ve dared take my GT), to even take any notice of any wind noise.
  18. Bus Driver

    Wind noise

    Yes, please do. This problem of wind noise I find vexing partly because I can’t always replicate it. There are some drives I take where very little wind noise intrudes at all. I don’t know if it has to do with prevailing outside winds, outside air temperature, the way the rubber seals are...
  19. Bus Driver

    Windshield wiper fluid

    Lucid “copied” Tesla in this instance. I wish Lucid had also copied Tesla’s design for the sunvisors on their Model X. Just a comment. Or as post-millenials would say these days - “jes sayin’”.
  20. Bus Driver

    Mileage experience after 5k miles on GT

    That’s…very strange. But, good for you!