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    First Uncamouflaged Drive

    Speaking of vision interference: One thing I find annoying is the the glued/attached window visor on the windshield. They boast about the large expanse of glass, but cover it up with the window visor. A solution similar to the Tesla Model X, where the visor is to the side and swings out, if...
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    First Uncamouflaged Drive

    The first thing I noticed in this video was the bad trim (around time mark 4:45). I would think they would have those things figured out by now.
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    Wheels and Tires

    Yes, I agree with you. The EQS also has rear wheel steering. So for now, the advantages of the Lucid Air are: Large frunk and range. I also like the cleaner look and design of the Lucid interior. Here is a link to a Mashables review of the Lucid Air from 4 years ago. They talk about the great...
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    Wheels and Tires

    Hopefully, they will use some new EV tire that will also improve the range. I know we discussed this before, but the Michelin EV tire is suppose to increase range by up to 10%. Here is a link for those that did not follow that discussion...
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    Lucid Air vs. Mercedes EQS

    I think soft close is done with an actuator in the door latch. All the cars I’ve seen that have it are done this way, including after market add-ons. Here is a link to an OEM that offers all the parts to a fully open/close system:
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    Lucid Air vs. Mercedes EQS

    I’ve had 2 Tesla model Xs and I find the powered doors very handy. Especially now with COVID, it’s really convenient to have the doors open without touching them. The Model X actually has the doors sensors in the falcon wing door only, behind the door skin, so they are not visible. The only...
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    Lucid Air vs. Mercedes EQS

    I noticed in Green Car Reports they mention: It’s a liftback. The EQS concept car was a hatchback/liftback, and since then Mercedes-Benz has referred to the EQS as a sedan—which can be a bit confusing. Wuttke confirmed that there will be an impressive cargo opening and that the rear seats fold...
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    Lucid Air vs. Mercedes EQS

    Yes, range and lack of frunk storage where 2 items that I noticed too. But maybe the seats and interior will be taller to mitigate the lack of rear footwell room?
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    Lucid Air Production Delay

    If you listen the the following video where Peter Rawlinson talks about self driving, you will get the gist that they are aiming for level 2+ currently, with level 3 possible in the future. No mention of Mobileye:
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    Michelin Launches Pilot Sport EV Tire for Electric Sports Vehicles

    Already in use in China. North America in 3rd quarter. Hopefully we can see this on the Lucid Air, since it helps increase range and reduce noise. The first Michelin tire engineered to meet the specific handling and range requirements of electric sports cars,- Low road-noise for superior...
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    Interview w/ Lucid Designer Jenny Ha - How the Lucid Air was Born, Being Lucid's Designer, and More!

    Nice interview and a bit disappointing to find out the the automatic open/close doors will not be available initially. See the question and answer at the around the 21:26 mark
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    Casa Grande Factory

    Thanks for the pictures and update
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    Lucid Motors Opens Studio & Service Center in Beverly Hills

    I called them and they told me that, although the vehicle was a beta prototype, it is available to sit in. They also mentioned the standard disclaimer that the UI may not be fully operational and some of the interior elements are not like the final version. I asked about the sunken footwell in...
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    Lucid Motors Opens Studio & Service Center in Beverly Hills

    Does this mean you can actually sit in the real car, or do you have to experience it virtually?
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    How Lucid Motors plans to spin Tesla-killing strategy out of air

    The picture of the display above does not look like the Gently curving 34" Floating Glass 5K Cockpit Display shown in the short Twitter video. So I wonder if the interior will look anything like the pictures above? Why post these pictures a day before the reveal, when everything will be...
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    Lucid Air Pricing Revealed

    I'd like to know which of those configurations has the most range and most luxury/features? Just one day to go to find out, I guess.
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    Carplay ?

    As far as I know, it will support Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This old article mentions that:
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    Well, that was weird . . .

    Yes, I am a reservation holder, but I just joined today and only found out about this forum because it was mentioned on Electrek due to the SUV pictures.