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    RESOLVED Auto shift into Park from Neutral

    Per Lucid: To put the car into neutral, lift or lower the gear selector respectively and hold it "between" Drive and Reverse for a second or so. You should see the car shift into Neutral.
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    New England spring meet-up!

    I’m visiting Belfast for the month in my Zenith Red Touring with 19” wheels and turn heads everywhere I go. Not a day goes by without someone asking me about the car.
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    Solar panels in Dallas, TX

    I live in Dallas and am very happy with Native Solar. They have many years of experience and offer competitive pricing.
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    Charger FAQ/Explanation

    Do you really need 100 Amp to charge your car overnight? I would get another quote.
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    Ordering and Delivery: Lucid Air Touring

    Please add 19” wheels and glass under my tracker (Red, 10/19/21).
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    Touring Delivery Tracker [Archive]

    10/19/21 Red. Santa Cruz