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  1. bill1745

    SW 2.1.62....?

    Yes, yes. It's exactly that.
  2. bill1745

    Front license plate bracket

    They are in California. I have one.
  3. bill1745

    SoCal Lucid Owners

    Happy to join. Two of us at work drive Lucid's. I have a 2023 Pure AWD in Fathom Blue. Picked up January 13th, so I am a newbie, although this is not my first EV. So far very pleased with the car. THe HomeLInk is annoying but that has been discussed elsewhere. I'm in the SGV.
  4. bill1745

    Powering off car when work being done on it.

    Thank you. I will take a look at the windows again.
  5. bill1745

    Powering off car when work being done on it.

    I called three Lucid Service Centers in SoCal, all said that door disassembly is not required to properly tint, and one laughed and said a few tint shops are saying that to justify expensive tint jobs.
  6. bill1745

    1st car wash.

    Perhaps get the kids to assist, if old enough (if you can get them away from their phones)?
  7. bill1745

    Powering off car when work being done on it.

    Thanks but why would they have to take the door apart? Anyone?
  8. bill1745

    Powering off car when work being done on it.

    Thank you. Actually, I am the first. Yikes! Do you know what those extra steps might be? Thanks again Bill
  9. bill1745

    Powering off car when work being done on it.

    I am going to have my windows tinted in a few days. I anticipate the shop wanting to know how to turn the car off while they install the tinting, which will take a couple of hours. Is it possible to power off the car in such circumstances? I thought perhaps if they just put the remote where...
  10. bill1745

    Hunting wild Lucid Airs

    I am so stupid. I was replying to a post almost two years old. Still, I'd be interested who I saw today.
  11. bill1745

    Hunting wild Lucid Airs

    I live in suburban Los Angeles. While out for breakfast today at the San Gabriel Valley Airpost, I saw three. Two at the airport on the tarmac, at different times. One was a Fathom Blue Pure, I think, Another was red with a white or silver roof, a T or GT, I am assuming. Then driving home I...
  12. bill1745

    New owner with a few questions

    I had this problem when wearing sunglasses. Very annoying so I just turned off the driver attentiveness setting. I usually drive with hands a 10 and 2 o'clock positions.
  13. bill1745

    PURE AWD owners....what are you paying (lease)?

    I leased a 2023 Pure in California. My first payment did not have added sales tax on the payment. All my prior leases in California collected sales tax. I called Lucid Financial and they had no idea what I was talking about. Has anyone else in California had the same experience? Can anyone...
  14. bill1745

    Lucid Air model lineup updates for 2024

    For what it's worth, my 2012 Pure can only charge to 409 miles. Lol
  15. bill1745

    New Pure Owner from Los Angeles..

    Congratulations. I am also a new owner (1/13/24).
  16. bill1745

    Regenerative braking

    THank you. I am going to charge next time to 100 percent, just to see if I can replicate what I think happened. After that, I was planning to reset the maximum SOC to 80 percent.
  17. bill1745

    Regenerative braking

    Sometimes you have to eat crow. Today it's my day. I took someone's advice and called Lucid Service and they did say that I would not have regen braking at 100% SOC To those who provided additional information, thank you, especially hmp10 and bobby. That said, I have read all the other...
  18. bill1745

    Regenerative braking

    Thank you. I embrace chutzpah, although I know nothing about @hmp10! Actually, I think it's less than a month. I am not new to EVs; my last one had regen 100 percent. As I said in my post, the first two times I charged, it was working wonky initially but the last time I charged the regen...
  19. bill1745

    Regenerative braking

    I meant 100 percent.