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    EA fails again

    It was a beautiful day with ambient temperature 70 degrees with light wind. Travelling the 150 miles from Champaign to Chicago at 73 mph drained the battery 50 percent from a 100 percent charge. We had about 3.8 efficiency. So I headed for EA's Lincolnwood charger, hidden at the edge of the...
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    Lucids & Lattes - Mill Valley, CA - Sunday, 4/21 @ 9 am

    Hey, why doesn't Lucid fly you to Chicago to host one of these?
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    Philosophical observation

    I've been a member of this forum for two years. I really enjoy the commentary and conversation. What I've observed over the past two years is that, possibly more than any other discussion of EVs, the Lucid Air resembles the old Indian tale of the blind men and the elephant. Each person walks up...
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    Excessive Battery Drain

    There are just so many variables that it's next to impossible to peg an "average" efficiency number. I drive an Air Touring, about 50 percent on the Interstate and 50 percent around town. My average efficiency after 10K miles is 3.6. I generally set the heat to 67 degrees in the winter and use...
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    Lucid Air or BMW i5

    I'd gladly sacrifice the frunk for an extra 50 real miles (preferably 100 miles) of range.
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    New interesting technology

    Even though this is initially about Volvo, I thought you might find this new battery charging technology worthy of a read. It easily could be employed by Lucid down the line.
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    Pet air conditioning update

    We printed signs to put on the side windows and windshield saying: "Air conditioning is running - dog is safe."
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    Driver's side wiper blades leaving haze on the windshield

    Rain-X is tricky. You must apply it to a totally clean windshield. Let it dry several minutes then buff it. Microfiber cloths work best. Now here's the tricky part, you have to buff it repeatedly after several hours. You can't just apply, buff and drive away. I've been using (and experimenting...
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    Getting Android Auto into the Lucid

    PS: Carlinkit advertises Android 12. The current Android operating system is Android 14.
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    Getting Android Auto into the Lucid

    I fully agree with Halodde's post. I definitely value the pet safety feature (we have a dog who loves our Lucid), that was not part of the promise when I bought the car. I was promised Android Auto. It should not have to be a work-around with a third-party device. I've owned my Lucid Air Touring...
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    Perhaps I should have bought a GT....

    The 100 percent charge won't add the 50 miles I need. I already charge to 100 percent when taking trips of over 200 miles. Sure I also could run the battery down to 5 percent as well and quickly destroy it.
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    Perhaps I should have bought a GT....

    This may not be technically possible, but it's a sacrifice I'd be willing to make. It kind of reminds me of something I once read in a Ray Bradbury science fiction story. I'd be happy for Lucid to take two years off my battery warranty in return for increasing my range by 20 percent. I don't...
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    FEATURE OTA Update 2.1.52

    OK, it's only Wednesday, but still no Android Auto.
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    NACS Megathread

    Ford announced today that it will provide complimentary CCS to NACS adapters for previous purchasers of its EVs (150 and Mach-E).
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    12V failure and what to do.

    This really is more complicated than desirable. How many Lucid owners carry around hard copy of the manual? I keep an Android tablet in the glovebox with the latest manual in its memory. but if the car is dead, I can't access the glovebox. With nearly every ICE car when the 12v battery dies you...
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    Post your mi/kWh efficiency in inclement weather

    Lucid Air Touring, 19-inch wheels: Headwind 25 mph Ambient temp 39 degrees Rain flat terrain Heater set to 66 degrees with seat heaters on low speed 71 mph (or 73 on the Lucid speedometer) Efficiency: 2.9
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    USB Media Guidelines and Tips!

    Perhaps I miss read the parameters. I somehow thought from an earlier forum conversation that 32GB was max. In any event. the Lucid techs would have informed me otherwise if a larger drive would work. At least I assume so. However, I'll take your suggestion and give it a try.
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    I'm Considering a Class Action Suit

    America is suit happy, and I don't mean the kind you wear with a necktie. Agreed, this whole class action thing is nonsense. Wait, hey, my USB drive doesn't work, maybe I should sue? <g>
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    USB Media Guidelines and Tips!

    Actually, the folks at Lucid did what you suggested. It was not any one file. It has to do with the total number of files. The same USB drive played one day just fine and then after an update refused to load past 23 percent. This wasn't the only USB drive to have this problem. I loaded totally...
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    USB Media Guidelines and Tips!

    I have a 32GB USB stick formatted with FAT32. It contains about 7GB total MP3 files, but there are about 50 files. Until update 2.1.3 it played fine. After that, it froze loading at 21 percent. I complained to Lucid. In its exemplary customer service, it asked me to leave my car at the Goose...