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    California Bear

    LOL... all the comments. I also opted to get the bears on my car during delivery. Love 'em. My son commented, if it was Porsche, it would have been $400 for each bear + installation, $1300 out the door.
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    OTA Update 2.1.43 - ROBUST THIS! - Important PSA to Update to 2.1.43 ASAP or RIP

    I took delivery of my AGT on Wednesday. In the About menu option it says I'm on the latest and that is .42. Should I just give it a few more days, or is the something I can do to make the car check again for updates?
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    Hello from Phx

    Took delivery last week. Still dialing in the settings to my liking. Also thinking perhaps I should have taken the 36 month term - this is a very easy car to live with so far. Just barely fits in my tiny garage with room to get in and out.
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    Hello from Phx

    Delivery is booked for Nov 29th. There is a lot of information on this site, any cliff notes on what to expect for delivery? Similar to Range Rover, Porsche, BMW, Merc, etc?
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    Lucid Party @ Gravity Reveal-LA AutoShow November, 2023?

    Interesting that it is about 10 inches narrower than the Air.
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    Hello from Phx

    Lease paperwork was signed today. Delivery in 1-3 weeks.
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    Hello from Phx

    Hello from the desert southwest! We currently have a deposit in on a GT in Quantum Grey, with Tahoe interior, on 21's. We have a VIN assigned and I am sorting the paperwork on an 18 month lease at the moment. My wife and I test drove a GT the last part of October, and then put a deposit down...