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    Passenger seat airbag

    Try other cars. This issue only happens for me in the Lucid. I have tried a whole bunch of other brands. I'm currently in a BMW I7 that I replaced my lemoned Lucid with, and it has not happened a single time in that vehicle.
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    Passenger seat airbag

    A test would make sense. I ran the same test when I had the problem. (For reference, I'm 5 6)
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    Passenger seat airbag

    How tall is she? (They will come back and tell you it is as designed btw)
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    Passenger seat airbag

    This is correct. I asked in the Discord before I put in this ticket. I'm more just curious if anyone else has it. I do recall there were one or two others in the Discord that were able to get a spouse to reproduce, but not consistently. For me it just goes on and off on a near constant basis in...
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    Passenger seat airbag

    Hey all - I’ve not posted here in quite some time, as I lemoned my Lucid a little while ago. However, a Lucid Discord group I’m in made me aware of an issue with Rivian vehicles. The issue is that depending on the weight and how a passenger sits in their seat, their airbag may turn off. This...
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    Coolant Leak and Other Issues (DE)

    Check the lemon laws in your state. Depending on when you first started having problems and the time it’s been in service, they may have to buy it back (either at the price you paid or with some depreciation, dependent on state). I’d recommend looking for a lemon lawyer, as it’s usually free and...
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    Multiple Displays - Music/Nav

    That should not be needed though. We are all hopeful it will come in one of the next few major releases.
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    problems and glitches

    Two months?! Why so long?
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    Lucid offering wrap and pff?

    I'm guessing they will, I know the service center here has their own vendor they like to use
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    Highway Assist & Traffic Jam Assist

    Really? I've had decent success with it in bay area roads, which are terrible.
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    1.2.6 OTA Out

    Anyone else finding that this update's "you don't have to reset nav destination" is TOO sticky? If I send destinations to the car, it never accepts them anymore unless I manually kill the last nav before I shut down the car. Instead, it just resumes the old one with like 500ft to destination.
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    WHERE are the GARMENT hooks???

    Thief. You stole the comment I was going to make :( I have only worn a suit jacket maybe 6 times in the past 10 years. 4 of those were a restaurant in SF (Acquerello, highly recommend... they also have relaxed the dress code since COVID so suits are no longer mandatory), 1 was a wedding, and...
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    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    It could be a beta version they have on a test vehicle, its a bit odd it would be accessible by a user, however. The ios 15< version of Carplay would likely look like that, every car I've ever used it on does not permit "car provided" images at the same time as carplay, so I don't think there...
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    Release Version Megathread

    My theory is its preparation for a much larger update.
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    Android Auto ...

    Lame. We have already spoken about this in our super secret exclusive SFBay area Telegram (With join links all over the forum :) )
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    Newer Teslas do not come with key fobs

    Speak for yourself :). One of my two fobs barely works 75% of the time. The car doesn't respond to its pushes. (I'm having service look at it right now). For Tesla: I don't really mind this. For my model 3, the phone app worked fantastic, I rarely even kept the key fob on me. It's one of the...
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    OTA 1.2.7

    My gut tells me it may be a prep patch for the 2.0 or whatever large update we are expecting.
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    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    It should be easy to fix, just extend the background. Hopefully the new carplay allows this with ios16
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    Lucid air Dream edition in repair shop with no answers

    No, my SA said he would look into it and asked for the posters name.i believe they reached out