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    RESOLVED Lucid Air Lemon Law Help Needed in Florida/Orlando

    In WA it's more than 30 days (so 31) in the shop as per the shops repair bill(s) check in and check out dates and for any reason. Yes, doesn't have to be 31 days in a row. It takes about one to two months for the entire process unless you go to court. More than 90 % of the cases are settled out...
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    [SOLD] AGT 19" full Spare and EZ Spare w/ Jack

    I got it brand new Oct 2022. It was delivered to my home with ~20 discrepancies. For the first four months of ownership, it was in the shop for a total of two months and one month in my garage waiting to get into the shop. The largest repair job was replacement of the HV battery. The most...
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    [SOLD] AGT 19" full Spare and EZ Spare w/ Jack

    I'm sorry, I sold them both in June.
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    Advice please for used AGT

    I got drive system warning 12/23/2023. My agt was delivered brand new oct 2022. SC said this warning was serious and asked me to bring it in. They had to replace the HV battery. Took four weeks wait to get it in and about three weeks to replace. They gladly did this. Id ask the dealer to bring...
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    Errant Lucid email

    So, did someone get hold of the Lucid email address register?
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    [SOLD] AGT 19" full Spare and EZ Spare w/ Jack

    I PMed you back. Are you still interested?
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    [SOLD] AGT 19" full Spare and EZ Spare w/ Jack

    I'm changing my sale to for pickup only (no shipping) and reduce the price to $300 for the Lucid full spare and $150 for the EZ donut with jack+wrenches or $100 without jack+wrenches. In case you think the price is too low, there's nothing wrong with them, and they just take up space in my...
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    [SOLD] AGT 19" full Spare and EZ Spare w/ Jack

    I lemon lawed it. Returned it earlier today
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    [SOLD] AGT 19" full Spare and EZ Spare w/ Jack

    For Sale One Lucid full spare 19" I bought from Lucid for ~$1,100 together with my Air GT Oct 2022. Balanced by Lucid. Never used not even test mounted. Kept in the garage and meant to keep in trunk (yes, fits) during long trips. Sell for ~$500. One EZ spare donut 19", with bag, I bought in...
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    Air needs some changes for tall drivers.

    ~14.5 % of us males are 6' or taller. ~58 % of Fortune 500 company male CEOs are 6' or taller. Taller people generally make a little more money. This suggest that there're a fair share of taller males of the population that also may have more funds than the population average. Leaves if they...
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    Feedback/improvements for the Air!

    Yes. Also, often as i approach the car from the front, having the fob in my pants right pocket (dont even have app installed on cell) walk by the drivers' side of the car to the rear to open the trunk by means of pressing the button on the lid, it doesnt open. It occurs very often when im in a...
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    How do I get Lucid folks to pay attention to my concern?

    I also experienced slow responses from the very beginning. So, ever since I always call both CC and SC and next day call CC again to confim that my ticket has been recorded in the CC end. And then it may take a few weeks before someone responds.
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    Rear Deck Creaking Noise

    Already had my agt at the SC twice and they couldnt fix it. Actually got worse after the second repair. They tried unsightly felt, didnt work. Have filed a new repair ticket. Also have vibrating noise in the front of the cabin, possibly in the dash, hard to locate. After two repairs, it still...
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    Drive System Warning

    I got Drive System Warning 12/23/22 and reported to CC and SC that day. SC said it was serious but didnt have time until 1/19 to pick it up. I limited my drives to max 5 miles from home and in town as not to get rear-ended in a big accident in case the car would turtle or brick. They just...
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    Drive System Fault

    I believe I have the identical problem. I got the Drive System Warning for the first time 12/23/2022 -- see screenshot as 463 miles. The message disappears after a time, perhaps ~60 sec, and after that the yellow warning triangle with an exclamation mark remains. I guess the disappearance of the...
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    Key Fob Lanyard

    I got that for the rear. But no holder or black nuts for the front (front is required in WA). I just got four only electroplated screws that also were on the short side. I bought a nice black frame and now the screws were only in for a few threads. So, i bought stainless steel screws and...
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    Key Fob Lanyard

    I go the lanyard but not the ring or leather. My agt was delivered 10/13/2022
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    Floor mats!

    Looks the same as what you have under the office chair to protect the carpet.
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    Bobby on the Air: HomeLink

    I see. Perhaps not too bad having to look over the side of the steering wheel since its used at low speed. The way i sit, the steering wheel cuts/blocks right across the turn signal popup display for the passenger mirror camera view.
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    Bobby on the Air: HomeLink

    There's a column with symbols for house, arrow, music, and phone -- see photo. And it seems to be (lots of) room for another column of buttons to the left. I don't remember what happens to this area when the camera view pops up (my agt is in the shop, so I can only go with memory and old...