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  1. GEWC

    Hunting wild Lucid Airs

    I find it odd I've only ever seen one "in the wild". Grey seems the color of choice around here. There are 3 greys within a mile of me.
  2. GEWC

    Car asking for PIN when key fob is in the car

    I haven't read all previous answers, so this may be repetitive, but I have found that I get asked for the pin often right in front of a school, so there is some sort of interference. It happens to me often during dropoff since I usually am right in front of the main office. It does happen...
  3. GEWC

    2025 Taycan range and charging

    Lol, I simply pay attention so I don't waste energy. That is the bulk of it.
  4. GEWC

    2025 Taycan range and charging

    I've had a similar experience, though not as much variety in my EVs. My lifetime is 4.0 driving how I like for almost 28k miles. I am not a speed demon, but I am not a slow driver either. There are so many factors that affect range. I regularly get 5.4, and can get closer to 6 when driving my...
  5. GEWC

    San Francisco Bay Area Owners

    I keep mine in the console and never have had an issue, though I don't use it often.
  6. GEWC

    So I sat in the back seat…

    This explains why my husband always volunteers to sit in back so my daughter can claim the front.
  7. GEWC

    What does everyone think of one-pedal driving in EVs?

    While it takes a couple weeks to learn, it is really easy to coast in the Lucid - I do it all the time - and one pedal driving gives you so much control. I was driving my husband's iX the other day, which has auto regen, and while it allows you to coast easily on highways, I found it was...
  8. GEWC

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    i have yet to run the battery down in one trip and it is not something I pay attention to. I charge mainly at home. Highest efficiency on over 100 miles was 5.1. It's funny, since I bought the car to be able to drive to San Diego in one go, but have yet to make the drive as we've been flying...
  9. GEWC

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    I've stopped trying to drive for maximum range, so my numbers have gone down a bit - my overall average at around 21,000 miles is 4.0, but I noticed going down to Carmel the other day that I only used 12% of battery to go about 72 miles and thought that was pretty good.
  10. GEWC

    RESOLVED Touring drivers side rear door will NOT OPEN.

    Is it still doing this or was it just the once? Sometimes, if one is being impatient and happens to press the fob twice just as the car recognizes it, the handles will kind of flutter for a second and then close.
  11. GEWC

    Anyone else getting better than EPA for rated 100% (not actual!)

    I think I know what you mean. I have a GT and while at first a full charge would show 516, after my first month of driving it was only showing 496 on a full charge. When I played with getting the best range it showed 532.
  12. GEWC

    Key fob keeps getting lost

    I always have the fob in my pocket when in use. It never falls out of even small dress pockets. At home, it goes with all the keys. The only times I've "lost" it are when the kids grab it first and then leave it some random place in the car and I need to look around for it.
  13. GEWC

    Will EA be the death of EVs?

    I almost always see Teslas at the various non- Tesla chargers in town (including EA), even with the 20 stall supercharging lot just around the corner. Just got back from FL and there were 2 teslas at the 4 stall EA I went to there.
  14. GEWC

    Anyone selling their Crossbars?

    I'll sell you mine. I bought them but decided not to put them on. I'm in Los Gatos.
  15. GEWC

    Another front license plate question

    If I recall, Lucid specifically asks you to sign a waiver if you refuse the front plate bracket install. If you don't, you get a temporary front plate, same as in the rear.
  16. GEWC

    I REALLY miss my car 😢

    Well, I am glad you had this experience as I now know not to look further into getting the kona ev for my son's first car. Hope you get your car back before the trip.
  17. GEWC

    Post Realistic Mileage Here….

    Your numbers (i am assuming you are referencing "since last charge") can also be affected by how you charge. Are you fast charging and then letting it sit? Or charging overnight and letting it stay plugged in for several hours once it has completed? Both of these will lower your numbers.
  18. GEWC

    Another front license plate question

    I think Lucid did a great job with their front plate mount. It sits pretty flush and doesn't look like an afterthought.
  19. GEWC

    Post Realistic Mileage Here….

    I am very consistent. At 17,000 miles I average 4.0 all around. Since I got the car, since winter (reset trip a) and since last charge. I rarely ever go above 75, and only to pass. Mix of highway and suburbia.
  20. GEWC

    A question for those with higher mileage Lucids

    I can confirm it is still taught in school. My daughter was complaining about it just the other day.