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    Chinese spyware free with purchase

    Somehow I don't worry about China finding out where I drive. This could be a real concern for the armed forces and the CIA but for an ordinary citizen...nah!
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    Lucid Body Shop (Maryland)

    I think we need more information from the OP. Was it hit and run or did he get info from the other driver? If the latter, was the other driver insured? If not, or if it was hit & run, does the OP have uninsured motorist coverage and what level of coverage. I was assuming when the OP said no...
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    EV Newb with GT on order and High Anxiety 😬

    Likely said by a divorced male 😁
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    My order experience

    great but it shouldn't have taken this long.
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    Major issues on our new EV9!

    So you need service. It is likely then one of the two other like reasons that I have set forth. Either way it should be a warranty item (while 12 volt batteries are not usually covered, one failing this early would likely be covered).
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    Major issues on our new EV9!

    My Genesis GV60 is now about 16 months old. I have not had a 12 volt battery failure. I do garage my car and generally leave it unlocked in the garage. The GV60 has an orange button the dash that lights up when the battery pack is charging the 12 volt battery. I see that frequently. But I...
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    My Charging Journey

    Most folks recommend a hard wire installation rather than a plugin. I went plugin in case the EVSE failed so I could unplug it and replace it but I just leave it plugged in all the time. I think plugging and unplugging at the outlet may lead to an outlet failure. Do you just leave the mobile...
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    Hunting wild Lucid Airs

    However, I do suspect that there are a lot of >55 year olds buying Lucid Airs (how many younger folks with school etc.) can afford a Lucid Air. I notice that there are a lot of high end Senior Living complexes going up in the Scottsdale area (55+; not assisted living); I wonder if they are...
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    Car color suggestion

    A year ago I had a 2 year old grandson and a newborn granddaughter. My kids gave his high chair to the new baby (Stokke Tripp Trapp) and told my grandson that he would get a new one and he could pick out the color. He picked pink so that is what I got him.
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    My Lucid Oof’d it today

    I agree but to the best of my knowledge, all car companies treat it as proprietary information belonging to the original owner. But what companies could do, and again to the best of my knowledge don't do, is reach out to the prior owner and ask if it is okay to release the data.
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    What's the Real Agenda?

    I know its not automotive but I can't resist. The following from Groucho Marx's You bet your life may be apocryphal but it is priceless: A couple with 10 children makes a guest appearance as a contestant on Groucho Marx’s quiz show You Bet Your Life (which started out on the radio and later...
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    What's the Real Agenda?

    You are apparently not old enough. Carson replaced Jack Paar. I, on the other hand, remember Steve Allen.
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    Ford reduces Mach E prices!

    There is no comparison of the Mach-e, even the GT version, with a Lucid. But most people can't afford a Lucid. While the Mach-e is not for me, I applaud Ford for making and selling a more affordable product. The Lucid Air is a luxury car and priced accordingly. The Mach-e is a mainstream...
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    EV Newb with GT on order and High Anxiety 😬

    She who must be obeyed appears to be a wise woman!
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    Interesting Demographics of U.S. EV Ownership

    Because we need to keep trying. I have two golfing buddies from across the country: one is a conservative Republican lobbyist, the other is a liberal Democratic lobbyist. They are best friends. We need to dialogue with folks who don't agree with us. I am old but I remember when compromise...
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    Hunting wild Lucid Airs

    Here in Scottsdale I am seeing a lot more of them; they are almost becoming common. Perhaps the reason you are not seeing them at the Level III chargers is that with the Lucid range, they are not being charged that often!
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    Quick question on 3D surround view

    Congratulations. Good decision and you will love it.
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    Ford reduces Mach E prices!

    Sounds like a Leaf.
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    Tesla Service

    Yes. I dislike Teslas but the tone of this sounds like an AI fib.
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    Falken Azenis FK460 A/S

    Weird that for my car, which uses 25540ZR21 Michelin makes the 4S (which fits my car) in HL load and 105 tuned for an electric Mercedes. I am guessing that MB arranged for that.