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    Lucid Gravity getting ready for Prime Time

    From your lips to.... Could I get one too????
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    Android Auto Thursday

    Mee too. I want my Waze!!!
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    Lucid Body Shop (Maryland)

    Agreed. I have a claim pending where USAA sent me a check directly. That hadn't been the case in the past.
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    Lucid made my week...

    Been there, done that :) Of course the other part of that whammy is if you're parked in an alternate side of the street spot 5 minutes past the restricted time, you get a ticket for not moving out of that spot quickly enough. It's never easy using a car in NYC.
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    Demo models for sale

    Mine is a '23 with the same mileage. I thought about selling it & upgrading to a GT that's immediately available, but that haircut is just too handle.
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    Demo models for sale

    $52k huh? OUCH!! What year is yours & how many miles do you have?
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    Investing In LCID

    I can only give you the response I posted in a similar thread - I think the technology, excepting a few issues, is way superior to its competitors; it has the backing of the Saudi Investment Fund (the very definition of deep pockets). On the flip side, if the Gravity doesn't take off, and if the...
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    PSA - If you wash your cybertruck, make sure you dry it!

    When is your next class ? Unlike college & law school, yours are incredibly interesting ones that I won't cut !!!
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    Hey Lucid Marketing And Software Team

    In my part of DE you can't get a backup generator for a small (1,600sf) home for under $10.5k-$11k. That extra $11k buys a fair amount of car. IMO.
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    Android Auto Thursday

    "Hope springs eternal"
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    EA is Improving

    We could fill a whole separate site with all the aggravating, frustrating & yes, even sometimes funny things that happen while trying to charge. As the famous man once said, "This too shall pass". Hopefully soon.
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    Best charge finding app

    Agree with your opinion of ABRP. I think it's a PIA to use.
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    12V failure and what to do.

    Thanks for the advice. I haven't had to take advantage of it, but appreciate the heads-up.
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    The Complete Dolby Atmos Series

    Thanks !!
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    22,000 Mike average M/kw

    I'm at 3.3 over 18k miles on 19" tires. Heavy foot sometimes.........
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    Speculation EV companies giving access to free ICE rentals for long distance

    Agreed. There aren't enough EA chargers & certainly not enough that work reliably.
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    EA Free charging

    You're a lucky man. I'm off on a 1,000 mile road trip soon & I'm dreading what I'll run into. My experience making multiple 400 mile quasi-local r/t has been nothing short of a horror show.
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    Electrify America is enraging EV owners

    Bunny, I've read a lot of your posts & respect your positions on most. However, on this one I approach the EA question from another perspective. We gave our money to Lucid based on receiving a certain product. In the first 6 months I, like many, had to deal with Lucid's teething pains, very...
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    Electrify America is enraging EV owners

    You're right, Lucid doesn't own EA. However, does Lucid have an obligation to provide this service (free charging) by selecting a provider capable of providing this service? If not, then isn't promising to provide this service thru EA merely illusory? After a year of owning a Lucid, I know a ton...
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    Electrify America is enraging EV owners

    Of course, there are those of us who paid full freight for our Lucids (before all the current "gimmees" (free DDpro etc), & were promised 3 years of free charging, actually expected to get 1) chargers that worked & 2) to not have to pay for charging. Of course, EVGO or others are an option, but...