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    EA is Improving

    for those who travel to/from/through San Francisco…
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    FEATURE OTA Update 2.1.52

    I downloaded the update while away from home, so I haven't been able to evaluate the features. While I may not be able to use some of the stuff, I am grateful for this substantial update. I'm not a software engineer, but I can appreciate the degree of sophistication needed to "get it right"...
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    Has anyone replaced tires on Lucid Air?

    Agree with all of the above. Last month, I had a tire patched on my Model S. The patch did not hold. They replaced the tire for free even though I did not have a certificate. Excellent customer service.
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    BUG iPhone Widgets Disappearing or Blank

    yes. Mine looks the same
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    BUG 2024 Bug Survey!!!

    Completed. Thanks for creating this, Bobby.
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    Yellow Triangle warning light only

    Every time it rains I get a message that says "Lidar Blocked - Try Cleaning Sensor" followed by the system alert ⚠️ . The ⚠️ disappears after a while on its own, or after it stops raining. I've now learned to ignore it. Per the manual, it appears system alerts are saved. I will have to confirm...
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    What to use over PPF?

    same x3: (Stek) PPF, ceramic, and OCDetailing. Exterior maintenance is far better than with PPF alone
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    Lucid Party @ Gravity Reveal-LA AutoShow November, 2023?

    nice review! Very exciting to see this in addition to the official launch video. for those going to the LA auto show … I am envious. Enjoy! Look forward to hearing about your experience.
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    App Update 1.39.0 8/11/2023

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    Lucid Air Sunshade, Glass Canopy — Now Available

    Great questions, GMan. I went to my car to check on the items you asked: 1. No sagging. Tight fit for all 3 shades - perfect fit! 2. No concerns about introducing gaps with removal of the shades. There is a LUCID tag on each of the 3 shades. That is what I carefully grasp as I pull it away from...
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    Lucid Air Sunshade, Glass Canopy — Now Available

    Effective in reducing heat and, most importantly, the direct sun exposure to the top of my head. (NOTE: I did not apply any additional tint to my roof or front windshield, though all other windows are tinted. The canopy shades are easy to install and remove. It comes with numerous clips in...
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    Contactor Recall Megathread

    It's listed on NHTSA's website: A small percentage affected, so I'm not worried. Per the report "An over-the-air software update allowed Lucid to analyze customer fleet data and remotely identify at-risk contactors in 273 vehicles. Owners...
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    Lucid Air Sapphire Drag Race

    "Sapphire made its red carpet debut at music's biggest night during the @universalmusicgroup after party. #LucidAir" there are 2 pictures of the car.
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    Lucid Air vs BMW M3

    I believe @apatel87 means a BMW M3: "At the same time I’ve been so vocal about EVs that it seems almost hypocritical to go to something that is a gas guzzler."
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    Torn between Model S Plaid and Lucid Touring.

    Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but a nice review. apologies if this is a duplicate post.
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    Lucid Inventory Orders

    I agree with you that these are likely 2022 cancelation orders. I'm considering a GT as well, so I was curious as to the reasoning for waiting for a 2023?
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    Hi Borski - I'm new to the forum. Sifting through a lot of information. Regarding PPF, who did...

    Hi Borski - I'm new to the forum. Sifting through a lot of information. Regarding PPF, who did your instal? If so, can you tell me what PPF you used? Did you have tint applied to the roof for added heat/UV reduction? Any other products applied that you would recommend? Were you happy with the...