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  1. Maverick

    Lucid rally and factory tour- AZ Lucid Owners - Jan 27th

    It was really great meeting so many of y'all on Saturday. It actually inspired me to come back and start reading some posts again. Of course, I completely forgot how much you like to talk. Going to have to get some tips on how to selectively read posts rather than trying to read everything...
  2. Maverick

    Speculation Lucid UX 3.0

    Just living with the cracks, especially given that the 101 road work has started. That's the other half of my overall not too bad. Have only had one other minor issue - the volume button on the steering wheel fell off. But one new wheel later, all fixed. It's drives like the day I...
  3. Maverick

    Speculation Lucid UX 3.0

    Just 6 replacement tires in a year and a half! So half of my issues with the car have been fixed with that switch. Good to hear from you Borski!
  4. Maverick

    Speculation Lucid UX 3.0

    Yep, still alive. Car is still functioning approaching 30k miles. I will say that I broke down and switched to 20" wheels about 6 months ago and it has been a great decision. Looks like most of the crew from 1.0 is still here!
  5. Maverick

    Speculation Lucid UX 3.0

    Over Macho Grande? I'll never get over Macho Grande. Hope all of y'all have been doing well!
  6. Maverick

    My Second Flat Tire In A Month

    Hi all, Was going to post to the other (more recent) thread, but it seems to be closed to further replies. First off, it's been a long while since I have been on the boards, but for those who know, I hope I'm viewed as either a neutral to positive poster as far as Lucid is concerned. I very...
  7. Maverick

    Great Lucid Customer Support Shout Out!

    I'd just like to take a moment to give some kudos to the Lucid team (as well as the tow truck driver). My attempt to "ride the bubble" so to speak did not work out as planned. I was hoping to go another 6 months, but the car felt otherwise, and the tire blew out on Friday afternoon. Fortunately...
  8. Maverick


    I think the biggest thing you have going for you is that you don't live in AZ :).
  9. Maverick


    I wouldn't worry about driving in cold temps here. I've been driving mine, and if there is any cracking, I'll just chalk it up to another exciting aspect of these terrible tire. Given that the most minor pothole or maybe nothing more than wind will cause a bubble in them, I suspect that if you...
  10. Maverick

    Paint Protection - Phoenix (East Valley)

    If you're looking for something in the East Valley, I used AZ Auto Aesthetics and it has worked out well for me.
  11. Maverick

    Future direction of the forum

    While I agree with @Bobby and many of the rest of you, I think probably what bothers a lot of us, is that the forum is now so large. It used to be that I could go 24 hours and only have a couple pages of the What's New and be caught. I can't do that, and threads that are repetitive, annoying or...
  12. Maverick

    Car Washing...what are your tips and tricks

    Definitely agree with that!! I thought that they would be similar to the pricier ones @hydbob recommended initially on this thread, but they're much thinner and that tag is absolutely ridiculous. They also tend to leave yellow cloth remnants on the car. I still use them here and there, but while...
  13. Maverick

    2.0.24 Update

    I was part of the beta.
  14. Maverick

    2.0.24 Update

    Didn't see this posted anywhere, but it's been a couple days since I've been on the boards. A quick 5 minute update that seems to be another one to improve background stuff either for a next update or just make certain things like connectivity and OTAs more efficient.
  15. Maverick


    I should be able to make it as well. I like the Carefree drive option, but not wild about the Bartlett Lake part. Drive is good enough, but the parking area is pretty distributed. Would be awesome if someone had connections with Desert Mountain and could maybe get us access to the Outlaw...
  16. Maverick

    New Zenith Red Owner AGT Fort Lauderdale area

    Wow...that looks like a lot of cars to be delivered.
  17. Maverick

    Warning: Eye strain, Split vision, and headache for tall drivers

    I think the creak increases the longer you have it. I didn't notice much several months ago, but it's more pronounced now. Easily tolerable, but I'll have them take a look when I go in for the recall (whenever that starts).
  18. Maverick


    Thought I had tried that, but I'll give it another shot. Thanks!
  19. Maverick


    Along the lines of the ACC view, with 2.12, does anyone know the trick to getting the screen back to the metronome view after using ACC/Highway Assist? It seems to stay there.
  20. Maverick

    New Member AZ

    Welcome to the AZ club! Glad to have you on the board!