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  1. CraZ8

    Demo models for sale

    A new GT for 96k. That’s quite a bargain. Of course if I waited for this I wouldn’t have had the fun of driving mine nearly two years. This doesn’t bode well for my resale value which I reckon is in the 70s now. I’ll drive mine for another 2 years and figure on another Air or maybe the Gravity
  2. CraZ8

    Hunting wild Lucid Airs

    It seems odd and counterintuitive but I have seen fewer lucids this last 6 months versus the 6 months before that. You would think with steady sales and subsequent registration they would be more common. I’m not even seeing them at the superchargers. I’m stumped
  3. CraZ8

    Lucid Air gets MAJOR price decreases...

    Wonder how much of a hit my trade in/ resale value took. Probably not as bad as what happened over at Tesla a few months ago but probably not insignificant
  4. CraZ8

    Lucid is changing my HV battery

    My battery threw a fault code around 12k and lucid diagnosed as a faulty controller and replaced it out of caution 14 months ago. Great service
  5. CraZ8

    Those of you that have had to replace drive units…

    My car one day just seemed to lack any power to he point I was pressing the accelerator nearly to the floor just to go up the seeep road to my house. No error codes and the problem resolved itself the next day. Lucid picked the car up and within two days determined it was the controller for...
  6. CraZ8

    I made a video about range.

    That mirrors my miles and efficiency , 3.1 at 29,800. I was at 3.2 this summer and fall but winter has killed my range
  7. CraZ8

    Off-Topic CyberTruck is now in showrooms

    Careful you don’t want to piss off Elon
  8. CraZ8

    Electrify America: you may need to open the Lucid App to charge!

    I thought it has been like this for about a year. I haven’t done plug n play in at least that long
  9. CraZ8

    Real Life Range

    I had a bit of a wake up call today. We decided to drive the 86 miles to Hudson Ny. I had 322 miles range so figured had miles to spare. Weather was 37 degrees and rainy. Driving up I probably was doing 75 most of the time ( some sprints to 90)and found I used186 miles of range(!) so on the way...
  10. CraZ8

    USAA Lucid Experience

    I’m sorry you have had such a miserable experience. I’ve had USAA for 47 years. I’ve never had a problem regarding 4 damage claims ( only one my fault) and numerous no starts, tows and flat tires. I suspect it’s the whole EV thing that has not only USAA but much of the insurance industry in...
  11. CraZ8

    Guess the name of this project or the name of the future car...

    Well Saturn and mercury are taken as welll. How about Uranus?
  12. CraZ8

    Guess the name of this project or the name of the future car...

    Lucid stream or Lucid Terra ( following the air water fire earth theme)
  13. CraZ8

    Pole to Pole in an EV

    You would think they would have chosen a Polestar…
  14. CraZ8

    Lucid event. Virtual golf at the westchester mall today sunday

    Anyone on the forum going to the sponsored event at the westchester mall in white plains today Sunday the 21? It’s a virtual golf event with food and entertainment. Sean the sales advisor asked me if I wanted to bring anyone so I guess there is more room. Moderator note: phone number removed
  15. CraZ8

    Frozen Teslas piling up at chargers....

    27 below? That’s just brutal. I thought 14 degrees was cold this morning here in the Hudson valley. You didn’t say what SOC you were starting at which makes a big difference. I think many of those Chicago Teslas the owners were running down to a low state of change and finding out the battery...
  16. CraZ8

    10k mile club

    Should hit 30 k this week or early next. It’s not the distance, it’s the fun you had on the journey
  17. CraZ8

    Finding a working charging station, a nightmare!

    I have a standing procedure now to immediately take a picture of the other cars license plate and driver as obnoxious as that sounds after an incident in manhattan years ago. A well dressed woman in a Lexus bangs into my then new BMW X5 at a light scratching the bumper and knocking in a...
  18. CraZ8

    Cup Holder To Tight

    I for one appreciate larger cup sizes. Usually D or DD. Oh wait, this isn’t the Russ Meyer thread?
  19. CraZ8

    Trunk/Frunk "shelves"

    How much does it cost lucid to put in a carpet covered piece of fiberboard? 20 bucks? Is the profit margin really that razor thin? This reminds me my dad’s stories of his first new car, a 54 Ford. It only had the drivers sun visor because the passenger side was an option for an extra couple...
  20. CraZ8

    Has The Grand Touring Performance Been Discontinued?

    What if any are the hardware changes from the GT to the GTP? I assumed it was mostly software to allow the motors to produce 1050 hp rather than “just” 819. The massive jump in price doesn’t justify it so I imagine there were not that many takers as a percentage of GT sales. As a point of...