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  1. AbsoluteZenith

    Turtle Mode ruins the road trip

    It has occurred. Not sure how much Lucid is paying you to constantly post these unctuous comments but it must be very lucrative. Turtle Mode came back up on my vehicle just yesterday. It limited me to 52 mph again at the very end of a trip. Luckily, with the roads I was on this time, it wasn't...
  2. AbsoluteZenith

    Turtle Mode ruins the road trip

    I'm not sure about cars produced now, but it can definitely happen again "fixed" cars
  3. AbsoluteZenith

    Turtle Mode ruins the road trip

    Read the post in its entirety. Thanks.
  4. AbsoluteZenith

    Turtle Mode ruins the road trip

    Yikes, Pretty unfortunate experience. I planned a road trip from NYC to Austin, Texas for the last six months. I got the Lucid in part to make lengthy road trips like that since it’s supposed to be the ultimate driving experience. And in the last six months I’ve had it, it was. I’ve shown...
  5. AbsoluteZenith

    Turtle mode during boot

    I had this happen twice before after an EA charge session. Driving was unaffected. However, a week ago I got the real deal. Speed reduced to 51-52 mph on the NJ turnpike. Turned out to be Rear Drive Unit failure. Crappy experience.
  6. AbsoluteZenith

    Goose It

    I did that and ended up with Turtle Mode 🔥🔥🔥
  7. AbsoluteZenith

    Errant Lucid email

    Yup, looks like a misfire
  8. AbsoluteZenith

    Drive System Faults

    Air Touring at 1900 miles, no drive system fault or anything of the sort yet. If it strands me once though I'm selling.
  9. AbsoluteZenith

    Spare Aero Cover 20" wheels

    One of my 20" aero insert cover caps went missing. Where can I get another?
  10. AbsoluteZenith

    Usefulness of Surveillance cameras

    I wonder what catchy name Lucid will come up with for it? LucidView? LucidSight?
  11. AbsoluteZenith

    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    Sweet, now with that email y'all can stop bitchin' and us Android users can rise up 😎
  12. AbsoluteZenith

    Touring Charge Speed UX/UI

    As far as I am aware, the Lucid Air Touring/Pure editions are unable to take advantage of full 350 KW charging and are capped at 200 KW due to the smaller battery size and lower voltage architecture. This being said, when navigating to any location, the navigation interface assumes that 350 KW...
  13. AbsoluteZenith

    Drive Clean Rebate Program in New York

    Dang, well I hope Lucid can do the same thing and have a single dealership if that's what it takes
  14. AbsoluteZenith

    Drive Clean Rebate Program in New York

    Tesla is able to take advantage of the Drive Clean Rebate Program in New York while Lucid is currently not. (despite Lucid having the more efficient vehicles.) Is this something Lucid is interested in pursuing?
  15. AbsoluteZenith

    EA Charging

    You did good, appreciate your dedication
  16. AbsoluteZenith

    Lucid Business Cards

    Loving the car. Was expecting a lot more to go wrong with it tbh, only had one Spotify issue that seemed to resolve itself. I'm feeling confident enough to recommend the car to onlookers. Is it possible to get some Lucid business cards or something to hand out to people? Had a guy come to my...
  17. AbsoluteZenith


    Got the same issue
  18. AbsoluteZenith


    Doors 😰
  19. AbsoluteZenith

    Sudden loss of power

    How are you expected to trust the car after an event like this