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    Las Vegas

    General Info : Pop up Studio in Las Vegas at Spring Mountain and Las Vegas Boulevard. It will be interesting to visit.
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    Las Vegas Meetup 10/7/23

    Enjoyed the conversation, cars and company! Also picked up a few ideas. Thanks to all.
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    Local Meetup & Newsletter Signup

    Add me to the list, Thanks
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    Thanks, I am glad your happy with the result!
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    Pics of a Lucid teardown after an accident

    Sorry you have to go through this. Very glad, however, that you are physically ok. As you said, the car did its work!
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    Thanks. 10/9/21 Original Air Reservation Confirmed 5/26/22 Grand Touring Order Confirmation Cosmos Silver Mojave PurLuxe 19" Aero Range ID Due ?? (Poss Q1 of 2023 per Advisor)
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    I saw a white one turning onto the 215 from Sahara Sunday. I hope to get some of the LV area owners to help with info on Tint, wrap and radar work at local shps.
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    Ordering and Delivery: Lucid Air Grand Touring

    Congratulations ! Looks beautiful. Enjoy the ride.
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    Ordering and Delivery: Lucid Air Grand Touring

    Beautiful car, Congratulations and enjoy !
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    Any Summerlin Nevada future/current owners?