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    King of Prussia location ?

    Hope we all are well nvited to a grand opening.
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    King of Prussia location ?

    Hope we all are well ncites to a grand opening.
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    Activate Auto High Beam

    it is always on but not always activated.. Each time the headlights come on, I have to push the stalk on the left toward the windshield and then it is activated - until I shut the motor off. When I start up again and the lights come. on again, it is the same routine. You will know it is on if...
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    Electrify America: you may need to open the Lucid App to charge!

    I use it in roadtrips with ease. I charge at home for regular driving.
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    Electrify America: you may need to open the Lucid App to charge!

    I was consistently having to use the app and finally on a call to Lucid while in a frustrating series of failure to authenticate. They reinstalled my license and no problems since With Plug n charge.
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    EA is Improving

    Am at EA at Walmart Columbia MD. Two chargers were off line. Called them in and within minutes both were up and running.
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    Help me enjoy my Lucid more

    Rogi,I have some of my own minor issues that I have noted here along with others, but the redeeming values of the car for me are: 1) it’s engineering, 2) it’s handling - it is a solid performer, 3) it’s quietness and comfort- I have had several long road trips since I received my Touring in...
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    Finding a working charging station, a nightmare!

    I know many New Jerseyans live in apartment and condo complexes and cannot install a charger. If you can, though, NJ has good rebates both on And approved chargers and the cost of installation. Search Charge Up NJ.
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    Finding a working charging station, a nightmare!

    I, too, live in Central Jersey, and given our State’s progressive stance on EV adoption, I do not understand why the infrastructure here for EVs is not stronger. If you live in a setting where a home charger is doable, I highly recommend one. If not, all the resources others have mentioned can...
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    Garage exiting Routine

    Whenever I approach my garage to park I enjoy the screen changing to allow me to open the door and my lower panel is almost always on the main screen, so I easily can hit the button to fold my mirrors. Exiting my garage is more complex and time consuming. When I enter the garage to exit, the...
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    LCID stock

    Do you think that Lucid might revert to a dealership model? Being the first EV mass producer, Tesla benefited from a lot of buzz that deove people to its website and where else would they go if they wanted an electric vehicle. With so many entries now, no one, except Tesla still, gets that...
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    Lucid entry & exit, with lower back pain

    We come free with every purchase. Enjoy your test drive.
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    Lucid entry & exit, with lower back pain

    Rodger, I am 75 and had spinal fusion surgery 6 years ago In the lower lumbar region. I have an Air Touring and find the car seats incredibly supportive. I just finished a 1200 mile roundtrip between my home and the Atlanta area. Even after 8 hours of driving, I did not feel fatigued - and...
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    Fog inside the camera casing

    Noticed it on my Bpillar on my way back from GA. Temp was in the low 20’s.
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    What does everyone think of one-pedal driving in EVs?

    Use it for my primary braking but I have noticed that at highway speeds it does not engage as assertively as it once did
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    Post your mi/kWh efficiency in inclement weather

    Just drove from Henderson, NC to EA in Stafford VA. TEMP WAS 23 degrees in Henderson rising to 39degrees in Stafford. Car had 96% charge but defrosting pre-conditioning and heater took their toll. Arrived with 16% battery charge. Drove 186.7 miles with avg of 2.8 mi/kwh. Down from 3.5 overall...
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    King of Prussia location ?

    I was there 12/19 and there were a lot of trades vans there. The lot was clean and clearly a lot of work going on. Living in Central Jersey this is a far more convenient service site than the next closest one which is on Long Island. If they have an open house when they open, it would be good...
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    EA is Improving

    On my way back from Indy after Thanksgiving, I ran into a technician at an EA stop. He was there to repair a station. He worked not for EA but for the charger manufacturer. However, the parts he had shipped ahead and had specifically noted were to be held had been sent back before he arrived...
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    EA is Improving

    Wanted to start a new thread on EA. “EA is Enraging” is dated. Traveled I-95 and I-20 from Jersey to Atlanta the past two days. Used EA and had extremely good experiences. Whether I used 350 or 150 chargers I always started out with no less than 140 kw. Not once was the output machine limited. I...
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    Electrify America is enraging EV owners

    This is an issue. At the only stop on my Jersey to Indy trip in OH with folks waiting we self-organized and as new people arrived they were informed where they were in the queue. Another awkward problem- I have read complaints in other media about folks taking the 350 chargers whose cars cannot...