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  1. smead


    I'm in Berthoud....Still haven't found one in the wild, although my wife saw one at the charging station in Boulder. What does yours look like?
  2. smead

    OTA Update 2.1.60 - Creature Comfort

    Cool add, but there is NO WAY I allow my canines anywhere near my GT. I barely let my kids ride in it. 🤣
  3. smead

    Q4 Results/Call

    Looking forward to an earnings report that excites the market. We've yet to have one.
  4. smead

    FEATURE OTA Update 2.1.52

    Well it seems that it is geofenced because when I get home, the homelink interface automatically shows and I can open my garage with one touch. It's just not implemented when backing out of the garage. The car knows when it's home.
  5. smead

    Android Auto Thursday

    Ohhh....the envy!
  6. smead

    Android Auto Thursday

    It's a cult.
  7. smead

    Any good news - why Lucid up 27% today

    Speculation that a Lucid will be in the next James Bond movie? Otherwise, I've got nothing. Distribution rights to one of the most well-known spy movie franchises now belong to Inc (AMZN) after the e-commerce giant acquired media company MGM. The next James Bond installment could...
  8. smead

    Android Auto Thursday

    Fair. Perhaps poor choice of words on my part. A forum should be a place where people go for help. I'll be clear, though, I'm not personally against the proposed solution. I've looked at it as an alternative (and I continue to hope to hear some guidance from Lucid about their intentions before...
  9. smead

    Android Auto Thursday

    First time I've ever posted anything remotely negative on this forum and I get a lecture about being angry and shaking my fist at the sky. Joe, I'm not mad. But I will say (again) it's disappointing that Lucid has said NOTHING on the issue. I'll try to keep my posts from being bizarre from now on.
  10. smead

    Android Auto Thursday

    I love how all the content Carplay folks downplay the AA misstep by Lucid. Lucid set an expectation that AA would be available. No reasonable person would assume that it would be significantly delayed behind a Carplay release. I get their frustration. The argument that a majority of the Air...
  11. smead


    Doh! I guess I better schedule my one year service as well!
  12. smead

    Feedback/improvements for the Air!

    Something like "Did you forget something....again?!".
  13. smead

    Will Lucid Air get new UX that Lucid Gravity have been announced to get?

    But speculating is half the fun!
  14. smead

    Feedback/improvements for the Air!

    This likely has been added to the feature request above, but I was too lazy to view 44 pages of posts. I'm loving how far the Air software has progressed, and am (hopefully) looking forward to the following features - my priority in order: 1) Remembering settings from the previous drive session...
  15. smead

    Hunting wild Lucid Airs

    Still have yet to see any of my Colorado brethren.
  16. smead


    Mel was great...sorry to see her go. I'm still having issues with the nav on my GT (ie. not working at all) and have been in contact with Christina who is also coordinating my service with the local service technician. Not sure what his name is or even if he is really local. All in all, though...
  17. smead

    Best reactions to your Air

    The BMW did the stomping and it was an ICE. 🤣
  18. smead

    Best reactions to your Air

    My two vehicles: I get tons of comments from the guys on the Sprinter van, I get much more from the ladies on the Lucid. A BMW M series pulled up next to me at a stop light and after looking at my GT, stomped on the gas when it turned green. For fun, I quickly leapfrogged him before shutting...
  19. smead

    Registration in Colorado

    Does this mean there are 6 of us now in Colorado?! (I got my plates 4 weeks after receiving the vehicle. I had no issues.)