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  1. SDHacker

    Soft & Hard Reset Procedures repository

    I couldn't find a post that listed the various reset procedures. Please help compile a comprehensive list. I'll start with a list of what I've found in some threads but I know I'm missing some. Please update with any you know of or correct what I listed. Not sure which are soft vs hard...
  2. SDHacker

    Lucid Tech Talk youtube video

    Haven't seen this posted yet. Lucid started a series on youtube with the first talking about their battery:
  3. SDHacker

    New MotorTrend EQS/Grand Touring Comparison First "real" comparison I've seen where they go over their impressions after driving both. It really covers why the EQS didn't make it as a finalist in the Car of the Year...
  4. SDHacker

    Ground clearance?

    Now that some deliveries are being made to forum members, can we get someone to measure ground clearance? I live on a lot cut into the slope of a hill so my driveway entrance has a hump. My neighbor had to have his driveway ground down so his BMW wouldn't scrape. Too low and it would be a...