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  1. SDHacker

    Just took delivery

    Heading up there tomorrow to play Black Lake, eat at Jocko's, then heading to San Jose to play The Villages. Wonder if there's a setting for proximity alerts to desensitize so it doesn't object to your wife's car.
  2. SDHacker

    What is the objective of the forum?

    I understand what you're getting at. Wish people would create a new post under Rumors or some such topic and not put it in some existing thread. I find it interesting and like to see what, if any claims turn out to be true. The rumor and subsequent posts saying some of it could be true, it's...
  3. SDHacker

    Broken windshield in Grand Touring.

    On twitter, someone reported $1500 for the windshield and $400 labor as posted by @hydbob. I think someone else was quoted a higher labor cost. Lucid has replaced a few windshields. I assume the transport company is covering the cost?
  4. SDHacker

    Spare tire

    Try this: Same product, same price. I put it in my cart, put my address in but didn't pay for it since I won't need it for a few more months and there were no messages about shipping restrictions. Unfortunately, unless you...
  5. SDHacker

    Spare tire

    Are you talking about AB 949 Unsafe Used Tire? That does not prohibit the use of tire sealants. It prohibits using the tire IF after using sealant, it is not repaired using an internal patch along with a cured rubber stem. The law defines what an unsafe tire is and what repairs are prohibited...
  6. SDHacker

    What to Buy?

    @experiment458 was told Lucid will implement wired first then update with wireless later. So both but available at different times.
  7. SDHacker

    Considering Paint protection film (PPF)

    Debating DIY vs having the shop that does the PPF apply XPEL coating. I use Griots 3-in-1 ceramic spray which is stupid simple - spray on car, spread, wipe. Spray bottle is enough to double coat 3 cars. Durability tests by Pan the organizer and Scott HD on Youtube shows it to be a good...
  8. SDHacker

    Grand Touring Delivery Tracker

    @LRSIII join date : 11/18/21 80 messages @Balin join date : 12/27/21 13 messages @oldnick25 join date : 2/11/22 14 messages Obvious conclusion is that joining this forum earlier and having more messages trumps other considerations for getting a VIN
  9. SDHacker

    Grand Touring Delivery Tracker

    I think the big smile is because she is thinking she is going to enjoy a night 1 drive
  10. SDHacker

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    But are you reasonably close to a regional/major airport? Tom has gone to where the car is before - like driving the DE-R in AZ. Can't hurt to contact them. It might help if you can lay out a route that will almost guarantee they can maintain 70 mph for the entirety of the test. Availability...
  11. SDHacker

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    Tom had 6000 miles on his and edmunds had 9000 - could be the same car. Since this was a media car, drive it really hard for a few thousand miles like the media would. Then do the test. We don't know if there is a mechanical and/or AI style learning break-in period as has been advanced. What...
  12. SDHacker

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    Insideevs lists their range test results - only 8 cars out of 27 beat or meet the EPA rating BUT 4 of them were variations of the Taycan. EPA 5 cycle test description: Lucid and a few other manufacturers use the 5 cycle while everyone...
  13. SDHacker

    Bluetooth audio failures?

    Whaaat - they installed your fan backwards! ;) Didn't know this and definitely going to test this when I get my car. Hope my Costco TP doesn't rough up the leather...maybe I better run this test on the studio car.
  14. SDHacker

    Video: Grand Touring inspection and first impression by a detailer in Chicago

    I'd like them to repaint my entire car so my paint is twice as thick. He couldn't tell it had been repainted until he saw overspray so they did a quality job. Don't know why it's a big deal.
  15. SDHacker

    Any minds changed about getting Air due to this forum?

    He called his dealer who was able to find one that wasn't already assigned to someone so he was able to grab it.
  16. SDHacker

    Just got your Air? Consider buying this stuff

    Owners manual says you never have to apply leather conditioner to maintain new feel. Bridge of Weir (leather supplier for Lucid) states it is stain resistant but can't hurt to double down on stain protection.
  17. SDHacker

    Grand Touring Delivery Tracker

    The problem is that @copper had a point of reference that allowed him to compare to know something was missing without using instrumentation. We don't know if @borski's car is a good reference point or not (exceptional/average/poor). It's a single example. After you get REW and a UMIK, you...
  18. SDHacker

    Grand Touring Delivery Tracker

    They give you 3 choices depending on circumstances - pick up at service center, home delivery, and Lyft Lux
  19. SDHacker

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    After I get my car, I might ask for a driving lesson when you are in SD.
  20. SDHacker

    Air Touring range, 425mi instead of 406mi?

    Makes sense - what are they going to do with the samsung batteries left over after finishing the DEs? I'm sure by the time I get mine, it will have LG