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    Grand Touring Delivery Tracker

    I think they will be able to produce at the rate of 20k/year towards the end of the year, but don't think they will hit 20,000 produced vehicles. If they do, I think they will struggle to keep up with the support and maintenance of all those cars given the nascency of their geographic...
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    Lucid announces Fourth Quarter Earnings Call Date

    If I was running the company that had a 1-year backlog I wouldn't be spending much money on advertising, especially if it was already getting a lot of free marketing.
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    Car Abruptly Stops Because of Vehicle 2 Lanes Away

    Yes, I had a similar, but different experience in FLL on Monday this week test driving the car -
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    Grand Touring Test Drive Experience - Feb 7, 2022

    Yesterday I test drove a Grand Touring model at the West Palm Beach location. Having followed this forum for a few months, I am well aware of the general sentiment of the car thus far – the hardware is great, and the software needs work. I went into the one-hour test drive with a bias of...
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    Grand Touring Deliveries?

    I am not the OP, but I would say Armando's in Cambridge for pizza, and the best ice cream used to be Herrell's, but they closed. Now I think Sundae School is on top along with Toscannani's. I could list about 10 other great ones because I have sampled at least 50 different places in the state :p
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    Production ramp

    NatGen Premier
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    Production ramp

    I live in Westchester County, NY - A suburb of NYC.
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    Production ramp

    I was quoted a similar number - $842/year. It was around the same cost as my 2010 Acura MDX - wow!
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    Enhanced Vehicle Wireless Connectivity

    Purely a guess, but I would think it is referring to free mobile wireless connectivity in the car for the first year. After that, you need to use your own cellular carrier.