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    My video on the Lucid Air DE Performance!

    Big thanks to @MoniputerLM I hope I did it at least partly justice and if there is anything I got wrong please do let me know and I’ll add it into the comments/description.
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    Poor Customer Service Experiences?

    I was very happy to get the chance to check out @MoniputerLM beautiful Zenith Red DE P last week and make a video (coming to my channel soon). But it was clear to me from our conversations that Lucid aren’t good at customer service. They are polite but inflexible and not forthcoming. I have...
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    Anyone Lucid near Austin?

    I am from the UK. I have ordered a Lucid Air Grand Touring but who knows when it will actually arrive… I will be in Austin 19-23rd January - next week when I type this - and would love to see a Lucid Air up close. I also have a YouTube channel (techinthecar) and would love to feature one on my...